Beautiful Child – #poetry of #spirituality

Beautiful Child

I met a beautiful child today.
We shared only a moment, but she stole my heart away.

The precious sight was all entrancing,
Her crown of curls bounced while she was dancing.

She reached for me without hesitation.
My affection for her an irresistible invitation.

She smiled at me, sweet as a cherub above,
Her blue eyes sparkled. She gurgled and cooed like a dove.

She sang the word “Mama” as she played,

But I turned my head away.

Then I awoke from my brief reverie
Regret overpowering my memory.


Choices dictate our future and all we experience.  Choice is a gift and also a responsibility.  This poem is a fictional representation of one choice and the consequences of that decision.  It is dedicated to all those precious little ones who were not given that same choice.



  1. Encounters with kids are so heart warming. its like meeting god. At the Airport i saw a kid in his mothers lap while she covered his little head full of young hair with her shawl and clung to him. he too clung to her and occasionally poked his pretty face out to breath, so cute. It was such a pleasure to watch them cuddle for half an hour mother and son gods gift to mankind.
    Ive been away Morgan, we used to communicate often on our blogs but then two years ago i went into old age depression but now am fully recovered. meanwhile i found that my blog has been visited daily by 50 people despite no new posts for two years which is most heartening. i want to reconnect with blogger friends like you. i love your posts.

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    1. I’m so very glad you are back and feeling yourself again. I took a break too and am only posting a few times a week now instead of daily. Life happens lol


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