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Life is a Beautiful, Beguiling thing.  It lies quiet, waiting for us to open ourselves to our calling; then it fills our world.  Often, it fills to overflowing, which is a Blessing to Ever be Thankful for; yet in the world of writing it also often creates a conundrum. That being, I love to write, but now I have so many other things going on, I don’t have time to write and I really need to write!

Oh Dear….what to do, what to do?  Well, in my mind the solution is to Invite YOU to Share your gift(s) of writing and creativity through Booknvolume.  Simple, right? (Well, potentially.)

So here it is, my very first Official Invitation to YOU my fellow authors, writers, bloggers, photographers (Yes you too!) and artists, to Share your Talent through the pages of BnV via Guest Blogging.  Interested?  Intrigued? (even morbidly curious?) Then do please read on, Oh Intrepid One, and we shall lay some preliminary ground work.

First and most importantly to me is that Booknvolume is a PG-13 Blog, so any posts, poems, photographs, etc., must pass that guideline, Please.  You are free to choose whatever topic you find appealing and you may share anything from poetry to flash fiction, short stories, artwork, photography, recipes, Inspirational Quotes, Spirituality, Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Character Sketches….in other words, I’m not going to restrict you as long as you follow the PG-13 Golden Rule.  🙂

Secondly, Guest Writer dates will mainly be weekends and holidays (until I’ve caught up with writing ..Dark Fey, Breaking Into The Light dontcha know!).

Thirdly, dates will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you are interested, please contact me via the form below and we can iron out the relative details.

Finally, (though it really probably doesn’t need to be said), Guest Writers/Bloggers are on a voluntary basis.  No compensation other than my Gratitude and the Appreciation of my/our followers will be provided.

Still here?  Still fascinated?  Great (Mr Spock), here’s the contact form:
(IF you have a pop-up blocker running, the form may not appear)


Thank You so much for all your support and for your interest in adding YOUR Voice to Booknvolume.   I look forward to sharing your talent with my readers and Very Much Appreciate your willingness to Help a fellow writer in need.