About 2.0

About 2.0
(since this is the revised version..)

So you want to know a little more about me. Want to know what makes my mind work, how I got here, why I am the way I am (not that I’m sure I can really explain that one) and possibly, where I’m going. I think my initial response should be, are you ABSOLUTELY SURE? The inner workings of my psyche are not for the faint hearted…it’s kinda scary/unpredictable in here, really…
but as you insist….

My journey into the world of words and writing began round about the tender age of 10, although according to my family I have always been a chatterbox. If there was not an attentive ear accessible, I would frequently take up a plush toy of one sort or another and proceed to set it adrift upon an endless sea of stories, songs and rhymes. Subsequently, when I turned 10 I wrote my very first start-to-finish, illustrations-included, story. Mind you, it was nothing to “write home about”; just a tale about several kids living in the 28th century and their adventures in space. Very Trekkie of me, to be sure ( since I’ve been a Trekkie literally since before I was born…but that is yet another post)

It was also around this time that I stood at my bedroom window one fair summer night, listening to crickets and the calls of the resident screech owl (that invariably sent my sister into fits worthy of a Turrets diagnosis), and penned (or more precisely, penciled) my first poem. That was it. The light switched on. The engine started running. The thoroughbred left the starting blocks. (The insane little clown in my head started muttering.) The Candle was Lit, and the words have been pouring forth ever since.

So what have I done with this God Given talent? (for honestly, I believe that’s what it is.) Well, I’ve written and published poetry, I’ve scribed counted lyrics for songs as yet unsung, I’ve written, typed or spoken uncountable numbers of words for sagas spanning topics from horses to Arabian Princes; from fair, Britannic maids to Light Loving and Dark Fey, and from Regency Period drama to futuristic, post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi. (Have I mentioned that I’m eclectic?) I’ve written sermons for our church and newsletters for work; if it was available to be written, I probably wrote it at one time or another.

Thirsty for more? ….

Ok then, on a more personal (and, potentially far less intriguing level), I’ve also enjoyed a career as an office manager and/or administrative assistant since graduating from high school. I have a few college business courses under my belt, although no specific degree; worked as a travel agent for a while simply because it was such great fun; I’ve gone on ghost hunts (in Gettysburg, Pa to be exact, but that is yet another post), I performed (sang) at the 1986 World’s Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia; I’ve rappelled down train tussles and was “this close” (literally days away) from backpacking for several months around Wales and the UK (, but then 9/11 happened…) to which end I also learned some Welsh. I am a lover/caretaker/Guardian of animals (through the ASPCA as well as my own backyard), and enjoy whipping up something delicious and (usually) decadent in the kitchen. I have also “taken the plunge” at the altar, though that particular chapter of my life ended sadly. (see, I told you…nothing to see here folks, move along)

I am of a creative bent of mind, to be sure; definitely a right-brained individual who is far more likely to talk with you about Shakespeare (obviously), Dickens, Austin or Poe, movies, actors/acting, music, travel, art, cooking/food, nature or spirituality than I am likely to discuss math, finance, government, physics, or any of those inscrutable “left-brained” themes. I am generally too adventurous for my own good (although I can certainly tell you some interesting tales as a result) and am a hopeless romantic (which you probably picked up on just by reading some of my poetry posts)

As for the future…who’s to say, really. I believe very strongly that I’ve been lead down this particular path for a reason, to use my gift(s) for a Purpose, and I fully intend to stay the course. I guess the best thing to do is to check back now and then so you can see for yourself what I’ve gotten up to or into next….

Oh and more importantly…Thank YOU! For reading, for laughing, for smiling, for liking, for sharing, …for following. YOU make it all worthwhile!!!!!

If you still find yourself curious, you will find greater detail, (and potentially greater insanity) regarding BooknVolume (or as I like to call it, BnV) under the additional pages in my About-2.0. Enjoy, O Bravehearted One!







  1. Lol…you are scattered alright, but in all good ways my gal!

    You are full of energy,it’s difficult to suppress.I know by now , you too realize you are finally home! Yep…amongst fellow dreamers, scattered and what not 🙂

    Your about is absolutely refreshing, far too interesting to find out what still meanders in that brain of yours, 🙂

    Thanks so much for the like…I too like and have followed you, your mind is an interesting place to discover Morgan.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you so much for the like on “A Faithful Friend” and for taking a peek at my blog. When I find the time I will definitely come back to look more thoroughly into your writings. Until then may the Lord bless and keep you in His precious care.

    His servant … Mikey

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wanted to once again let you know that I so much appreciate your like on my devotionals entitled “Spending Time in God’s Word” and “God Keeps His Promises”. May the Lord continue to bless you and your writings and keep you in His loving care.

    In His Service – Mikey


  4. hi Morgan. as promised, i am visiting your blog, which is customary for me when someone visits mine. and my litmus test of following is a) they are not selling anything, and b) they are interesting and worth the time to read. i am pleased to announce that you pass both with flying colors, so i am following. so nice to come across your blog. peace. bob


    1. Why Thank You Bob 🙂 I am pleased to hear that I’ve passed the test, yet even more pleased you found something that sparked your interest. I look forward to enjoying more of your own posts as well!


    1. This made me giggle…its an amusing comment, really. I’ve often though I might should add a more revealing picture. ..You are very kind to say that.thank You 🙂


  5. Hi Morgan! I discovered your blog through Robin via the Sisterhood of the World blog (fellow nominee). I can’t wait to peruse your entire site. Your writing is poetic and lovely. It’s good to hear someone else speak of ‘the words pouring in,’ as well. Since embracing what was meant to be…I (happily) can’t turn it off either. Be well. ~Karen~


    1. Hello Karen. I am pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward to getting to know you through your writings and inspirations, as well.

      The words pour like the rain that has been coming down since yesterday…fast and slow, heavy and light, wild and gentle, yet ceaseless until it floods 🙂 And AMEN that it does 🙂 (the words LOL not the rain!)



  6. My my. I’m stunned and delighted to have found you! You most certainly have a gift with words. Thanks for pouring them out so we can see them and let them do their work in us.


    1. Thank YOU Elouise for so kind and smiling a comment. I do truly appreciate it and am so very glad you enjoyed your visit today 🙂 I am so happy you found BnV, too 🙂 Thank You most kindly for the follow.

      Blessings of Peace to you my Friend ~


  7. Hey Morgan,

    Thank you for reading my post “Chronicles of a Battered Woman”. I decided to visit your site and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. You have a way with words. Quite a rare talent. I will be a frequent visitor from now on.


    Liked by 1 person

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