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Today’s character Interview is by Fantasy author Tabitha Darling. Tabitha is the author of multiple works of fiction and nonfiction. (To be released ongoing) She is wife to a robot builder and mom to a toddler. By day, she is a barefoot farrier, horse trainer, and riding instructor. She lives in Texas, with her husband, toddler, three horses, three hens, three geese, and three doves.

In the book Trust (Children of Chiron Series Vol 1) Ieang (Eeng) is a main character caught up in a war between humans and his people the centaur. He struggles to save an infant centaur and in the process needs a human, Brenda to help with the baby. They begin to understand and respect each other over time.

History teaches that centaurs are aggressive, how do you feel about this? It bothers me. We are taught to respect the power the Gods give only to women. I have seen humans be good and mean.

What do you look like? I am a centaur. My body is horse, man and unicorn. My hair is brown, my skin is brown, my eyes are brown.

What do you like to wear? We do not need clothes like humans.

How do you keep your hooves worn down? We walk. If we can not, we use a hard stone to do it.

What is the horn on your head? It is what separates the people from the Gods and the animals. It reminds us of our origin, the unicorn.

What is telepathy like? I learned from my human wife that humans think in sounds. We do not, but we can. What you feel, see, touch, feelings, all is given, in telepathy. Not just sounds, all. It joins the people, into one. It is the gift from unicorn.

What do centaurs eat? We eat as you do, plant, meat. Why?

What do you think of humans? Your people are gifted by the Gods with great power and knowledge.

If someone wanted to learn the language and culture, your beliefs, would that be ok? Yes, I will help teach.

How do you feel about videos and photographs? I will not talk about this.

What do you think of horses? They are more intelligent than humans know. They should be respected.

If a human child wanted a ride, would that bug you? No, I would be happy to play with them.

How do you like to socialize? I enjoy watching my children, to sing with them after a meal. Or spending time with the men on a hunt.

What was your role in your family growing up? My role was to obey the elders, and my father, to respect the Gods and spirits. To listen and learn.

What were you most proud of as a kid? I was glad to become a man. It meant the Gods and spirits thought I was worthy. I try to be.

What did you find terribly embarrassing as a kid? I was humiliated for my dishonor once when I did not give an offering on a hunt. I learned to after the punishment. I had angered the spirits, I was wrong.

What was your first best friend like? We do not have one friend. All the men hunt and work together. That is our way.

What ‘group’ were you in during your high school years? We do not learn in one house, we learn with our fathers who raise us. The shaman may teach us, but usually it is our father. If one father and one child is a group, then that was my group.

What did you want to be when you grew up–and what did you end up becoming? I only hoped to be accepted by the God of life to the temple, to do well by our ancestors, the ones who came before. To not disgrace any of them. I passed my run, I am a man, adult. That is all I am.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy speaking with the God of tools, to ask the spirits to give their power to what I make so that a hunt goes well. If I honor them, the power is there, and the animals are happy to give us meat.

What music do you listen to? Brady, brother to my human wife says that humans enjoy music all the time, that the human Gods allow it. We do not, it speaks to the ancestors, the spirits and Gods. It is sacred.

What annoys you? I am angered if the people begin to disrespect the elders, the shaman, the spirits, ancestors or the Gods.

What makes you laugh? To watch my children.

Are you a dog or a cat person? I do not like to eat dog but I have, it seems to be a friendly spirit to humans. I do not know what cat is.

What season do you enjoy most? I look forward to the dry season when the hunting is good.

What makes you embarrassed as an adult? I have answered this before.

Do you drink alcohol? What is this drink? We have many drinks and some are sacred. We usually drink water.

What do you feel most passionately about? I hope that my people will live, have many children, if the Gods allow. And to continue living in the marriage house with my wife.

What trait do you find most admirable in others? To be an elder, a shaman, to speak with the Gods, ancestors and spirits. It is the best any can become until we join them in their home when we die.

Do you want a job that helps people or a job that makes money? Money, is how humans hunt, to bring food yes? If we live on Earth, I would like to learn in human school to get a job, yes. I always like to help! The people rely on each other to bring meat, to build a house. We do not live alone like humans.

Are you a leader or a follower? I am only a man, a hunter. I was not called to be a leader.

What scares you? To see the last of my people, no more children. That we so angered the Gods.

What are your long term goals? I have answered this before! To see my people live.

What are your short term goals? To hunt well.

What are your bad habits? Bad habits make the spirits angry.

What do you think happens after we die? If we please the Gods we live in their home by their fire and eat with them when the hunt is good.

If you were to come into money what would you do with it? Money is how humans get food, they do not hunt? If we have more than we need, I would give it to others who need more so that they have food.

Who was the love of your life? I love my human wife Brenda, she taught me love.


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In The Lime Light – #AuthorInterview with Jan Gordon


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Today I am delighted to introduce you to fellow author Jan Gordon, who writes under the name Melanie Mole. Melanie grew up in a tiny village in the wonderful countryside in England. Long walks with her dogs in beautiful scenery and winding country lanes gave her time to think and dream. Most of the time dreaming of a future where her life would be as calm as both the countryside in which she walked, or how she felt when she read her treasured books. Dreaming was something which came easily to Melanie. Very often her school report would mention that she spent more time day dreaming than doing her school work, except in English lessons which she loved.

Her love of words was always there, but sometimes stifled by the opinions of others. But as she grew older Melanie would not let these hold her back her any longer. Over the years Melanie grew in confidence and it was then that she finally felt able to follow her writing dreams. Being part of quite a large family, but always feeling different to everyone else, Melanie found solace in both writing and books. This, coupled with her new found confidence in herself, mainly because of the freedom of middle age, was where her writing really found momentum.

Taking 25 years to complete her first book, around family life and a pressured work environment in palliative care, Melanie began to realise that simplifying her life was the way to go. Living more simply and finding ways in which to enjoy having less became her chosen path. This was where her book Simply Does It was born. Her experiences to find a more simple life in which to have to time write and do more of the things that she loves, are shared in this unusual non-fiction book. Her other book, Man + Woman + Trouble, is a comical look at the mistakes Melanie made during her relationships. It is full of tips on what not to do if you want a great relationship. It is aimed at both men and women.


Please Introduce us to your Blog. What is it all about? What sorts of posts do you lean towards?

Hello Cynthia, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions.

My blog is about anything to do with books, writing, author interviews, the amazing opportunities that simple living has afforded me, and anything else that peaks my interest.

A lot of my posts are about writing as that is my true love. I try to look at how other writers have written, and how their lifestyle affected that.

I am always looking at ways of showing support to other writers. So many of us flounder at first, so it is nice for us all to support each other. Writer love is what it is all about!

I also did an article about a man who calls himself Captain Beany. He is totally obsessed with baked beans, and even has a museum in his home dedicated to them. I was impressed with the work that he does for charity, and so wanted to feature him on my blog. It got a good reaction which I was pleased about.

You can find my blog here.

What Inspires and stirs your creativity?

The first would be my grandchildren. I have four now and the eldest is 11 this month. I look at the photos of them that I keep near my computer, and I just about burst with happiness. I want to do my best writing for them. It would be nice one day if they read my books and thought that they were a good read. That would be great!

Secondly it would be the simple things in life. I have never been a materialistic sort of person, so the little things have always inspired me. That can be as simple as raindrops on a leaf, an animal, spending time with someone special etc. I feel lucky to be inspired by little things as I tend to notice them more. So I am blessed.

Conversely, what do you find difficult to write about?

I definitely find writing fiction more difficult. I generally write non-fiction, but I got brave this year and wrote my first short story called ‘Blossom Shines at Buttercup Bay‘. It is contained in a Creativia Anthology titled ‘Once Upon a Broken Dream’. I was really pleased that my first attempt at writing fiction was published in this book. My aim is to write a whole series of Buttercup Bay Books. I have the outlines already written, so just need to start writing them now!

What Message, if any, do you hope to Share through your blog/posts?

I want to share so many things through my posts. But the main one is that we are not alone when we find it difficult to write. There are so many writing groups, forums, websites etc. that there is always a place to go where we can learn, get support, or both. The writing community is massive. All we have to do is to find the right fit for us, and then we can interact as much or as little as we want to. The world really is our writing oyster!

How has your blog helped you as a writer/Indie Author? What things have you learned along the way that you never anticipated?

I only started my blog quite recently, so I am learning all the time from it. At first I would plan what posts I would write, but now I do them as the inspiration hits me. The only posts which I do tend to plan are author interviews because readers seem to like those a lot. I like them too because I learn so much from them. Also I write posts about my next book, or when one is due to be released.

One of the things that I never expected to learn from my blog is that not all authors find inspiration in their surroundings. I wrongly assumed that where they write always inspires them. But, I have now found through interacting on my blog, that this is not always true.

I am lucky that I have leaned many writing tips along the way too. I am blessed when other writers share their tips or tell us about their writing day because we can all learn from that.

Tell us about your book(s):

My first book, ‘Simply Does It‘, has just been published. My life has been changed for the better in so many ways by living more simply. This book chronicles the start of my journey towards raising my writing capacity by over 800% in just a year! I wanted to keep the quality of my writing, so I edited again and again. I can honestly say that I have found the magic formula for being able to write much more, even though I was also a full time, live in carer for a relative at the same time. The demands of this mean that I never knew, day or night, when I would be called to help them. Plus I had surgery of my own during this time too. So, if you want to know how I started that journey then ‘Simply Does It‘ could really be the book for you.

My second book, ‘Man + Woman = Trouble‘, came about because I had so many stories to tell about the mountain of relationship mistakes I had made. I also wanted to give tips on how not to behave if you want a great relationship. So this book encompasses these, and more. I tried to keep it lighthearted so that it would be both interesting, and also make readers laugh. It is aimed at both men and women no matter what type of relationship they are in. So I hope that my readers will enjoy it.

What Inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write ‘Man + Woman = Trouble’ because of my own experiences. I thought that if I have those sorts of problems, then other must do to. I wanted to look at them in a comical way, whilst also trying to show how not to make the same mistakes that I did.

My inspiration for writing ‘Simply Does It’ was the amazing experiences that I have had by living a more simple life. I can’t stress enough how different my life is now that I live more simply. It has soothed my soul like nothing else, and reduced my stress levels beyond compare with the life that I once led. It has truly been a breathtaking experience.

From what Point of View do you prefer to write? Is there a reason?

Until now I have always written non-fiction books. I have tended to write from my own perspective so far as the subjects that I have written about are either ones which I have experienced first hand, or are very close to my heart. But, even though they are from my own point of view, I try to offer a balanced argument too.

How would you describe your “Voice” or Style of writing?

My style of writing is really just hearing what thoughts come into my head, and then documenting them. I wish that I could say that it was more technically done, or in the style of some great writer, but it isn’t. My writing is generally like someone is having a gentle conversation with the reader. I am writing my thoughts, and they are reading them. I don’t know how else to do it. I think that we all have our own writing styles, and that we shouldn’t fight them. Going with the flow is much better than having a daily battle with your writer self. Life is much calmer that way, and I like that.

What genre do you prefer to write or are you truly eclectic?

Until now I have always written non-fiction. I know that my books will often be about writing, as I think about it so often. But they will also be about the benefits of simple living. The world seems to be running at such a frantic pace now that something has to give. Either we find a better way to live which is less stressful, or we could quite literally spontaneously combust. The choice is our own to make. I just hope that more of us make it sooner than later.

Do you painstakingly plot out your story; are you a discovery writer or a bit of both? Why?

My only piece of fiction is my short story ‘Blossom Sines at Buttercup Bay‘. So I’m not really sure yet. I did have some sort of outline before I started to write it. But it tended to be very fluid during the writing process. So I would probably say that I do both.

Do you have a favourite or least favourite character? And Why?

It would have to be Monty because he is so kind and sincere. But that may change to someone else over time. I guess that I won’t really know until I have written the rest of the books. It is something that I am looking forward to.

Share an insight or secret about your book(s).

Well, I have written most of my books without getting a good night’s sleep. Because of a shoulder injury I have, I still need to have further shoulder surgery. The pain from it means that either I take regular pain killers that don’t work, or I take strong ones which knock me out during the day a lot too. I haven’t been able to sleep in a bed for 18 months now. So I sleep sitting up in a chair every night. To be honest it is exhausting. Most of us can cope with a few night of poor sleep, but at the moment that is my reality every night. I hope that the further surgery that is scheduled for me will work, and I will be sleeping soundly again soon.

What do you feel is your best advice to share with other aspiring authors?

Never, ever, give up! Use whatever keeps you going to do just that. Also, read about J.K Rowling’s story for inspiration. I don’t just mean about how many publishers turned her down. I mean about what she went through in her personal life before she even got to that point. Keep fighting for what you want, always.

Would you like to share an excerpt from the book or a poem or two to give readers an idea what you offer?

Yes, that would be good. The first excerpt is from my book ‘Man + Woman = Trouble‘ –

That Old Chestnut Nagger

The characteristics of a That Old Chestnut Nagger are persistence and having a really good memory, and boy do women have good memories. Especially where we think the subject in hand really matters. Make sure that you remember this because it is a distinct advantage if you do. Of course no logical thought process would have ever gone into this decision. We tend to store up our points to remind us how bad you have been in a sort of brain sack. It’s hidden away in a very dark and dingy place. The sort of place you wouldn’t want to go to after dark. Where monsters loom, and even they have to fight for survival. A place where you should expect the unexpected to happen, and where you should be very afraid, because it is very unpredictable depending on mood and hormone levels.

Men just need to remember that we can store all this information we often refer to as important stuff for a very long time. This is the sort of stuff which we are sure to bring up the next time you either look at us in a funny way, or perhaps when you do something like breathe. Yes I did say breathe. You can sometimes only do one of these before we blow again. We are like a volcano just waiting to erupt. Not all of us of course. But there are enough women like this for anyone to be weary.

Another thing to remember is that we never lose sight of our original point for discussion. It is always there lurking in the background. Don’t forget that it is also a woman’s prerogative to add more points at any time. In fact the list can just grow and grow. Like one of those seemingly tiny pieces of paper that is folded neatly, but which can unravel and grow to an incredible length at any time. So, gentlemen, it may be advisable that you have your own list to argue points from. That’s something that the lady in your life won’t be expecting. Shock tactics are usually a good way of causing a detour around the subject in hand. Especially if you want to buy some extra time or if you are dying to get to the pub/bar or to do something else that’s equally as important. But of course you need to be aware that any dodged points will only come back to bite you later, so sometimes it’s best to just suffer at the time and get it over with. It really depends on when you want more hassle. Is it best to have trouble now, or later? Only you can make that decision. Because one thing you can be sure of is that it will surely come at some point in time.

What you need to do is literally wait until the nagger is taking a breath and dive in with the first point you want to make. Then just keep going strongly, or keep very quiet. How she reacts will guide you towards which of these you need to do. Remember that just because one tactic worked last time doesn’t automatically mean that it will work this time. You may also pay later if you choose the wrong course of action this time. A bit like gambling with terrible odds. She is the banker, and we all know that the banker nearly always wins.

The second excerpt is about when I went to live with nuns, from my book ‘Simply Does It‘ –

When I had first arrived at the convent Sarah had encouraged me to explore both the main building and the grounds at my leisure. I was interested in all of it. I wanted to immerse myself in the whole process during my stay so that I could understand how the simplicity factor of their lives really worked for them. I needed to learn from the nuns so that I could accomplish more when I returned to the outside world. I knew that to do this I needed to visit all of the communal rooms in turn, and to spend time taking in the sights and sounds of each one to make sure that I fully immersed myself in the atmosphere of each area so that I got the full value from my time at the convent.

There were several bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor. Each floor was around a central quadrant which was framed by very ornate stonework cloisters and lovely arched windows. Walking through these cloisters was like walking back in time. It felt quite surreal. Like I had been momentarily transported into someone else’s life, feeling what they felt, thinking their thoughts, and walking their walk. I liked that the cloisters could be used in all sorts of weather as they were deep enough to shield you from the rain no matter what direction it came from. They were a very simple but clever design.

Now, lets talk About YOU:

If you had to describe yourself to someone who has never met you, what might you say?

Gosh, that’s a difficult one. I would have to say that I am an honest and supportive person, with a passion for writing and books. That I care about people and the environment, and genuinely want to make things better whenever I can. That I am a good listener who tries not to judge too. Physically – rounded, with rosy cheeks, and a good heart!

If you could meet one person from the past, who might it be and why?

What an interesting question! The person that I would most like to meet from the past is actually still alive. But I am hoping that you will indulge me with this one. He was born several generations before me so is still technically from the past I guess. His name is Leslie Phillips and he is a British actor. When I was a child my mother always watched films that he was in. I always wanted to be the same age as him in the films that he made in the 50’s. He played parts where he was always suave and sophisticated, with a very posh accent. I thought that he was a dreamboat. So, really I wanted to meet him because of the parts that he played. I would like to ask him what makes him tick.

When you are NOT writing, what is your favourite pastime?

It has to be reading. I am a book-a-holic. There will never be enough time for me to read all of the books that I want to in one lifetime. Not in ten lifetimes in fact.

Describe Your Dream Getaway Destination. Have you ever been there? What makes this place Irresistible to you?

Any of the Scottish islands would be the place for me. I love peace and open spaces. I also love ragged coastlines and weather which isn’t too hot, so they are the ideal sort of place for me. Since visiting Scotland many times a as child, and reading a book called ‘Island on the Edge: A Life on Soay‘ I have been even more obsessed about wanting to go there. So, watch this space!

Do you have a Mantra?

I certainly do – ‘I can and I will’. I repeat that to myself all the time, sometimes out loud in public places too 🙂 It has definitely helped me to believe that I can and I will at many points during my life. So, I will keep on using it.

What “Charity” or “Cause” do you feel passionately about & Why?

A percentage of the profits from my books go to Autism charities. I chose those because two members of my family have Autism. They are very high functioning and so live almost like their peers. But obviously Autism is close to my heart because of them. I also worked with people who have learning disabilities for nearly 30 years, and so have both a carer and family perspective on it. It is a disability which is often misunderstood. Plus there is a stigma related to the word Autism. People tend to see the disability instead of the ability. Some of the greatest people ever born, like Einstein, were Autistic. We all have disabilities of a kind. I truly believe that now is the time to focus on people’s abilities rather than on what they can’t do.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions Morgan. I really do appreciate it!

And Thank YOU Jan/Melanie for sharing your time and talent with BnV.






#WhatToRead for #Bibliophiles of #AllAges


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Yes, its that time of year again.  What time, you ask? Holiday time, or vacation time, depending on which continent you are sitting.  I know, I know, I’ve only just managed to make it back full time, as it were, and now Im planning to be off again.  But in my defense, this holiday has been planned for some while and, well, Colorado Beckons, so…off I go again.   Be assured, however, I have made plans to take good care of you while I am away.  (well, at least, I hope so!)

While I am off hiking the Colorado Rockies, Segwaying around the Garden of the Gods, and Ziplining across canyons (YIKES!), I have arranged to share a variety of books and authors, characters and far-away realms for your reading pleasure.  Oh, come now, we all need a break, now and again, from poetry; even we poets! So for the next week or two (thats all, I promise!) BooknVolume shall share just that, Volumes of Books!

I hope you will enjoy the diversion.  🙂


#FridayFantasy – An Introduction to the #Epic #YA #Fantasy #DarkFey


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The story of Dark Fey is set in a fantasy realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Light and Darkness. It is peopled by Feyfolk, winged beings the size of any human who are born with gifts of telepathy, empathy and sometimes magic. It relates how the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to create Change through doing what is Right.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

Although their two realms exist in close proximity, most Fey of the Light have never seen an actual Dark Fey and many Dark Fey only encounter very young Fey of the Light; yet crossings and abductions happen every day.

As their temples are desecrated, homes are pillaged and plundered, and the peaceful tranquility so important to the Fey of the Light is repeatedly shattered, the Fey Guard stand as protectors. They are mighty in battle and fierce in their vigilance to protect the fragile balance of life for the peaceful Fey of Light

All Fey are born with special abilities, or gifts, such as telepathy, empathy, discernment, or the ability to dream walk. Many also have a gift of magic, though not all, such as spell-casting, enchantment, light bending or element wielding. While the Fey of the Light are beautiful and live harmoniously, the Reviled Fey are the opposite; they revere darkness and fill their lives with cruelty and evil, but all Reviled Fey begin their lives as Fey of the Light. The change comes only if they are abducted as childfey and forced to undergo the Integration, a process of intentional neglect and cruelty designed to twist them away from the Light.

This level of horror is not incorporated into the Dark Fey Trilogy simply for the sake of it. One does not need to open the pages of a book to discover the unthinkable, as the darkness typically embodied in fantasy genre stories by some terrifying being or creature is very much alive in our own reality and this is the underlying motivation for the darkness woven into Dark Fey. It was based in great part on the terrifying, yet true-life events of the Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA, a rebel militant group in Uganda that has for over 20 years abducted children from their homes; forcing them to commit horrifying acts of violence against each other and their own people. These children suffer a very real Integration and, like the childfey of Jyndari, they endure violence and cruelty at the hands of truly sadistic overlords. This is how the Reviled came to life and became the horrifyingly cruel beings depicted in Dark Fey.

This story shares the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness through the ideal that you can change the world, if you take Positive Action to Create Change through doing what is Right.

Many times during your journey through the Dark Fey Trilogy, you will encounter words that seem to be capitalized for no apparent reason; yet,it should be noted, these capitalizations are anything but random. They mark either proper nouns, such as Fey of the Light, the Temple, Fey Guards, the Reviled, or the Light, which is not simply a glimmering of illumination, but a connotation that is highly important in the spirituality of Fey. If a word holds specific meaning, it may also be capitalized, such as See, Know, or Understand. You may encounter such words when they are in reference to a Fey gift, such as telepathy, empathy, or discernment, and they carry significant weight so, in order to emphasize their importance, capitalization is used.

Join me as we embark into this realm of Light and Dark. Allow your imagination take over as you experience the Jyndari forest and The Fey of the Light’s struggle with The Reviled. Let the Light reach outward from these pages and draws you into on a journey that promises to change your way of thinking.


Discover More About Dark Fey on its official website

The Reviled
Standing In Shadows
Breaking Into The Light




A Single Syllable – #Inspirational #DailyMeditations


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“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

-Edgar Allan Poe

Do we truly ever stop to consider just how far and wide our words and musings travel?  How often do we say things before we consider the lasting effect those words may have, on others or on our own lives?  Can we grasp the powerful truth that what we speak becomes our reality?

I have listened over the past months to all the raucous noise of hatred and intolerance flooding our media; of friends dividing from friends and loved ones from loved ones over matters that are fleeting, but I have not raised my voice to join the chorus.

Rumi said:  “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

How right he was, for the Power of our words, whether spoken or written, create change, instill impressions, teach lasting lessons, and take root.  I recently stumbled across my own words, which I use on Facebook as part of my profile introduction, and had to pause.

Words are spoken, heard, seen, felt and dreamed.

Indeed they are!  In this hour, when unleashed anger spills over our world, near and far; how will we choose to use our words?  Will we Build or destroy?  Will we mock or Encourage?  Will we take aim with Positive or negative energy?  For myself, for my writing and the consequence of the same, I will strive to unleash Harmony.  Compassion.  Tolerance.

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Human beings are blessed with the rare gift of language, but they are also blessed with a gift called conscience.  Regardless of whether you believe in an afterlife or not; heedless of the truth of Karma or the possibility of having to answer for our every action in some measure, the simple reality, in my humble opinion, is this:  what we say; notwithstanding how we say it, has a consequence.  My words, written or spoken, will have an effect on someone, somewhere, in some manner, and I do not flout that responsibility.  Certainly I feel strongly about this or that, but I do not presume I know enough to say that I am right and someone else is wrong.

What if we are all wrong?  What if the only Power on Earth and in the vast cosmos over our heads is the Potent Power of a single syllable?  What happens if the indelible connection we refuse to accept is the simplest and most complex notion of all.



The Touch of Love is seen in the Miraculous as well as the Simple,
In the Drops of Water upon a newborns head,
In the Benediction o’er a Final Resting Place;
The Touch of Love is Bread in our Hands
And Wine on our Lips,
In Prayers offered beside the sickbed
And in Joyful Laughter at the birth of Life;
The Touch is in the Understanding and Patience Spoken to a Troubled Youth,
And in the Sincere Help offered to One in Need,
It is Heard in the Promise of Unconditional Love
And the Warm Embrace or Handclasp extended to a Stranger.
The Touch of Love is known in the grinding bit of a drill
Searching for Fresh Water In a Forgotten Village,
And in a coverlet offered to a refugee, lost and alone.
The Gentle Touch of Love is Shared through words of Encouragement
To One depressed, discouraged or grieving,
And Through the Compassion of Empathy conveyed
By a Wordless Nod or Gaze.
The Touch of Love is Extended to Each of Us and Shared Through All of Us,
To The World In Need.


Poem inspired and written in conjunction with Pastor Robert Kehrli

Article is my July Morgan’s Musings from Fresh Lifestyle Magazine



#WordlessWednesday – Inviting Italy


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Beautiful Photographs found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographers.  Thank You~

#WordlessWednesday – Pearlescent Pleasure


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Beautiful photographs found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographers.  Thank You~


Deliberate Intent – #LovePoetry


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#RomanticTuesday – Bare


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In the Eloquent Hush

Of the Paralyzing,


Delirious Rush,

To Draw You to me,

To Bare Our Souls,

To Tremble


Passion’s Shivering Blush.


of Fervent Desire,



of Encompassing Fire,

To Draw me to You,

To Bare Our Souls,



of Shadows Conspire.


In the Blustering Calm,



Of Unparalleled Balm,

To Draw Close Together,

To Bare Our Souls,



Of Unbridled Aplomb.

.The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.

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#AwardWinning #5Star #EpicFantasy #Free today.


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Dark Fey The Reviled begins gently enough. It’s a story about a young shefey discovering who she is and how to incorporate her unique gifts into everyday life. Like most teens, she’s uncertain and, because she is inexperienced, she’s a bit fragile; nevertheless, through the course of the tale she finds an inner strength she doesn’t realize she possesses. It’s also about a young malefey who has endured tragedy in his life on an unparalleled scale. He has lived through the horrors of abduction, abuse, neglect and has been forced to commit terrible acts of violence. His life mirrors those of child soldiers who face very similar atrocities, not in the pages of a fictional story, but in the reality they must bear each day.

When Harmony Sings – #Inspirational #Poetry


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In the dewy Hush of morning,

As Lilting birdsong Serenades the skies,

As gossamer blushes of Rhapsody Sighs,

As Whispers of Hope gently Imply,

Harmony Sings without cunning or guise,

Simplicity Adorning,

Presumption Transforming.






Beautiful Photography found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank you.




#MusicandMuseMonday – Singing Majesty of Waking Day


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Singing Majesty of Waking Day,

Bright clear Spectacle of Delicate Play,

Unstrung bow of Harmonious chords,

Enchanting Serenade, Winsomely Implored;

Birdsong Sweet upon the Rising Gaze

Of Daytides shifting lavender haze,

Enshrouded in Beguiling Laughter and Sighs,

As the Carol of Ages chirrups and cries;

Dulcet Symphony of Transcending Aplomb,

Waken this Dreaming with Melodious Balm,

And Shape each Breath which Graces this Breast,

With Tranquility and Unity by which All Life is Blessed!






The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.

Beautiful Music by Adrian von Ziegler

Courage – #4thofJuly #Honour


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If not for the photographer’s Lens,
Would we Truly See?

If not for the Poet’s Words,
Would we Truly Appreciate?

If not for the Courage of the Soldier,
Would we Truly Understand?

For their Sacrifice, and for all they do without Thanks, without Notice, Their Courage Speaks.


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Scattered Flowered – #FourthofJuly #Remembrance


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Death and Shadows
Fire and light
Exploding Shells
Through the Harrowing Night,

Tears and Sorrow
Guns and Ammo
Flags in the Dust
Soldiers in Camo,

Courage and Honor
Distinction by Hours
Memory Lasting
Scattered Flowers.

Scattered Flowers

In Loving Remembrance of all those who have and who still do serve this country/ Every country. On this day of Honour as we recall the sacrifices made, it may be the best time of all to understand that ALL soldiers serve for love of their own country and to protect and honour the way of life THEY hold dear. Right or Wrong, Truth or Lies, the Soldier carries the heaviest burden.



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Shape of Yesterday

Whispering in shifting hues

Of soft Silence and viridian Dreams;

Temple of Tomorrow

Lilting through Carols of birdsong

And sun shimmer,

Reminding of the Glory

All around


~ Morgan ~




Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank you ~