Eternity Singing- #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld


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Eternity Singing

There is a Quietude to the Embers of Night
That drifts through my Memory,
Spilling its Peaceful Melody
Into the Frenzy of my turbulent Sight.
Cascading Ribbons of Violet Haze
Reach from Heaven to, thus, Entrance me,
While Softest Mists of Starlight Glaze
The whirl of my Distracted energy.
Spinning Cosmic Ocean of Dreams
Turn my Thoughts to Peaceful Rest,
While You Sing Eternally
Of Life,
Of Renewal,
Of One Single Breath.

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The Good Witch of the South- A Captivating #YAFantasy Spin of a Classic


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There is a darkness brewing in the west and alarming rumors of dragons and an evil enchantress building an army to overthrow the Great Head of Oz. A demon fairy the Land of Oz hasn’t seen since Dorothy Gale destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West.

Soon to be sixteen-year-old Samantha Goodwitch, the daughter of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, knows she is disobeying her mother’s wishes when she leaves the castle to search for dragons, but she’d rather have an adventure than follow her mother’s command.

My 5-Star Review

Oz, that enchanting place we’ve all come to know so well, is the focus of this delightfully familiar yet intriguingly unique tale. My favorite character, the Bubble-traversing Glinda, now has a daughter and it is this young witch who must now rescue her realm from the evil gaining power in the West. With an alliance of brand-new characters, this young witch faces the challenges of coming-of-age while seeking adventure and discovering danger.

Sam Goodwitch of the South, is at that precarious and spectacular age when everything seems possible and tempting. Just sixteen, Sam goes against her mother’s wishes and abandons her life in the castle that has been her home so she can search for adventure. Not just any adventure, mind you; adventure in the shape of dragons. What she discovers, however, is that adventure isn’t always as bright and shining as the stories you hear as a child. Danger, duplicity and even death lurks around every corner.

New creatures fill the colorful pages of this lovely book whose narrative is lush with inviting details and picturesque landscapes. Oz is just familiar enough to captivate fans of the original story; yet delightfully new, with characters like Akasha, one of the Shadow Mountain Cats who saves Sam from her own fool-hardiness and becomes her greatest ally. Readers are treated, as well, to the presence of a Munchkin, along with a few scenes that mirror the original book.

Exhilarating and distinctively bewitching, The Good Witch of the South will whisk you off to a place you THINK you know for a journey that is as fresh and unforgettable as the classic from which it’s spun.

About the Author

Hidden deep in the woods of Brown County, Indiana T. C. Bartlett writes and draws his delightful and heartfelt books for children and adults.

Books currently published – Children’s Picture Books: It’s Music Time, A Dog Named Zero and the Apple With No Name, You Can’t Tickle Me.

Memoir: Roads Over Brown County

Books to be published in 2021 – Children’s Picture Book/Gift Book, Letting Go – Release Date: March 1, 2021. Cartoon Shark Book, Shark Bites – Release Date: June 1, 2021

About the Book

CM – What do you love most about Writing?

TC – Not sure I love writing because it takes so much out of me. However, I can’t seem to help myself. I think what I love the most about books is designing my books along with the writing.

CM – What inspired you to write your book?

TC – I don’t know why, but two years ago I decided to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz again. And at the same time I was reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I had acquired the rights to a

beautiful piece of fairy art and I was adding tattoos to the fairy and some additional leafy sprouts to her grapevine crown. Then it hit me, this fairy was the daughter of Glinda the Good Witch of the South and her last name was Goodwitch. I wrote the epilogue first and instantly knew what the story was going to be.

CM – Do your characters dictate what or how you write in any way?

TC – Yes. Most defiantly my characters control me when I write. Once I have decided what they look like in my mind, they force themselves on me and I can’t help but write what they tell me to write.

CM – What are you next projects, and are you going to write a squeal to The Good Witch of the South?

TC – My plan is to write and illustrate one children’s picture books a year. My first picture book, It’s Music Time, was published in 2018, and A Dog Names Zero and the Apple With No Name (a counting book), was published in 2019. Then in June of 2020 I published You Can’t Tickle Me. In 2022 I plan on publishing a children’s wordless picture book titled, Birds Fly, A Cat Tries. You’ll love the ending!

This year I actually have one children’s picture book/gift book that will be published in March, Letting Go, and one cartoon book about Sharks titled, Shark Bites, that will be publish in June.

As for writing a squeal to The Good Witch of the South, well . . . I’m not sure. I have written an outline for it, but to tell you the truth, writing The Good Witch of the South knocked the stuffing out of me. I am not sure I have it in me to write another one. But one never knows . . .

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In The Hush- #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld


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In the Hush1

In the Hush

And the stillness of Morn

Transcendence Awakens

Harmony is Born

Willows Whispering

Upon the Bright Breeze


Singing from the Trees

In the Hush2

In the Silence

Of the Lavender Eventide

Contemplation Stirs

From Deep Inside

Shadows Lingering

Beneath the Glow of the moon

Sweet Serenity

Chanting in the Bloom

In the Hush3

In the Stillness

of the Velveteen Night

Perspicacity Shimmers

In the Sparkling Light

Indigo Embrace

Sound of the Sky

Harmonious Tones

Teach the Spirit to Fly!







Beautiful Photographs found at:, & by Daniel Greenwood. Grateful Appreciation acknowledged to the Amazing Original Photographers. Thank You

Aligned – #Inpsirational #Poetry


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Stir the Silence

Sweet the Hush

Cerulean Magic

Transcending the Rush

Subtle Parlance

Of Mystery Undefined

Musical Whisper

With Heaven Aligned

Beautiful Original Artwork by Marsha Charlebois

Traversing Eternity- #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld


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Silence Sparkles in Charismatic Form,

Endowing the consciousness with Humility,

Reminding All From what we are Born,

As We Linger, Timeless, in Perpetuity.

Traversing Eternity in Glimmers and Thought,

Inspirational Blessing through the lens is Caught.


Whispers Shimmer from Heaven Afar,

Outward and Inwardly Speaking,

Born of the Essence of Far Distant Star,

Belonging to All, While Endlessly Seeking.

Transcending Reality in Twinkling Light,

Beholding Life through the Glistering Night.

This artist's rendering shows a view of our own Milky Way Galaxy and its central bar as it might appear if viewed from above.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Amazing Photographer. Thank You!

She- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


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Spills Romance in lavender ribbons

Whispering secrets upon the tide

Of Shimmers sparkling from her Gentle Smile

Of Silence stirring the shadows that hide



Dances upon the velvet zephyr

Of Midnight’s lucent Harmony

With airy notes of Transcendence

With Poignant strings of Memory



Caresses the Dreamer’s nomadic Musings

Reveries of Passion, Billows of Time

As darkness scatters from her Embrace

As Sighs breathe deep, Soporific, Sublime!



In a ruffled dress of Nighttide



The Unreserved Heart’s Sweet Bride.


This poem was Inspired by Paul Militaru’s Beautiful photograph of the moon, as well as the caption he gave it on his blog “She…In a Sea of Clouds.” Immediately the poem whispered in my thoughts and, with his Kind Permission, shall hopefully whisper to you as well 🙂 Thank You Paul!





Beautiful Original Photography by Paul Militaru found here:

Liquescent Silence – #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld


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Liquescent Silence



Black as the dark night

Bespeckled with the Glimmering pinpoints

Of a myriad Lights

Sojourners through the shades of Time

Blending their Inspiration

with Harmonious Rhyme,

To Touch Eternity

In the Transcendent Hush

Sharing Liquescent Silence

As we pause from the rush.


The stars and night very often Inspire me, filling my heart with a sense of connection I can scarce fathom, let alone try to explain, though I try through the words of music the Liquescent Silence sings sweetly to me. This verse is no different, whispering softly of that connection to the past through the Beauty of the night.

Beautiful Photograph by: Dan Ransom

Grove- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


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Silent Glory 1

Place of Wonders

Shadows lilting like caroling song

Whispers Transcend the unspoken calm

As sunlit dapples of subdued shine

Glint in a litany sublime

Amid this Grove

Of forgotten Rhyme.




~ Morgan ~

Beautiful Original Photographaphy found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank you

Engender- #poetry of the #NaturalWorld


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Place of Beauty

Transcending time

River of Influence



Wash over my Spirit with your Infinite Splendour



Gently Engender.

~Morgan ~

Beautiful original photography found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank you ~

Love Shouts – #Poetry of #Spirituality, #Meditation and #Easter


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Reminders Sing

As Fair Morning wakes to Kiss the Golden Daytide,

Shimmering in Resplendent Glory

As matins Lilt from the Viridian Sanctuary,

Joyous carols raised upon the breeze,

To Remind all who dare to Listen

That Life has been Renewed,

Splendor robed in subtlety Rejoices in the Light,

fear, Death and unbridled doubts

fall into shadow

When Love Shouts!






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank you.



Love Speaks – #Poetry of #Spirituality and #Meditation


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Love Speaks

Love Speaks Softly when the Night is Dark,
Igniting Hope with the tiniest Spark.

Love Speaks Gently when despair is near,
Coaxing Trust where there is only fear.

Love Speaks Kindly when anger’s in full fury,
Encouraging Patiently to eliminate worry.

Love Speaks In Prayer when there is Need,
Bridging the Divide to Tenderly Intercede.

Love Speaks in Whispers Heard by the Soul,
Mending the Sorrow to Make Everything Whole.



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Love Whispers – #Poetry of #Spirituality


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love whispers softly

Love Whispers Softly,

When All is Silent,

When Darkness like heavy iron weighs down the Spirit,

When grief and sorrow blur the edges of our Vision with tears,

When the lament of our wrongdoing pulls us from The Light into Fear,

Love Whispers Softly,

Reminding us of all that Love Ever Gives,

Speaking in Thunderous Whispers only the Mindful Hear

When All is silent,

Love Whispers Softly.

Beautiful original artwork by:

Inestimable- #poetry of #Spirituality and #Meditation


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In the stillness

To the sweetness of the Hush


In the Silence

With Peace Soft and Lush


Through the Whispers

Of All that has been Lost


Amidst Serenity

Of the Inestimable cost


~Morgan ~




Beautiful original photography found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank you~

Masterpiece- #Poetry and #Meditations of the #NaturalWorld


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Masterpiece 1

How Truly Beautiful is this world. How Rich in Colour, Texture, Light, Shadow, Shades and Hues both Vivid and Pale, Stark in contrast and Harmonious in their blendings. Each day the golden shimmering orb of pale and violent splendor raises his head and Smiles down upon us, glistering and, sometimes, glowering in Radiant Grandeur, waiting for us to See, to pause, to raise a hand in Breathless Wonder beneath its superior glow and stand, for a moment, Transfixed.

Masterpiece 2

Each evening the luminous moon in subtle beauty slips delicately from her ebon shroud and Sings a song of ethereal Enchantment. Gentle and patient, she glides in regal effortless flow across the bejeweled spangle, her silvery luminescence a Gift to all who lay aside their restless haste, if only for the briefest of moments, to Gaze upon her shimmering show.

Autumn Mountain Foliage

The Earth is Filled to overflowing with verdant greens, supple yellows, resplendent reds, breathtaking blues, passionate purples, vibrant oranges, pale pinks, rich russets and auspicious auburns that Proclaim for all to See and to all who may Hear, should they Choose to, the Loving Touch of the Artist’s Hand.

Each mountain that has stood for millennia;

Masterpiece 3

Each forest that has echoed with the song of the wolf and the cicada for eons;

Masterpiece 4

Each tranquil pastoral glen that shimmers beneath the Kiss of the sun;

Masterpiece 5

Each quiet beach that sings a rhythmic, oceanic song;

Masterpiece 6

Each deep, mysterious blue sea that shields another world entire;

Masterpiece 7

Each frosty glacier and windswept barren, giving and renewing life;

Masterpiece 8

Each tawny desert filled with sand and silence;

Masterpiece 9

Each roadside garden springing with wildflowers;

Masterpiece 10

Each nook and crevice of forgotten wilderness;

Masterpiece 11

Each Smile, Each Tear, Each Freckled Face;

Masterpiece 12

A Masterpiece of Beloved Oeuvre waiting for its audience,

Waiting for You, Waiting for me,

To Pause,

To Sigh,

To Lovingly See.

Beautiful Photographs found on Google and Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographers.

Sisters- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


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She pours her Light with Generous Hand
Like water flowing from a living Stream,
Guiding Life while she Gracefully Stands
Upon the Horizon of Mortal Dreams,
Dancing in the Shimmering Glow,
Her Bounteous Grace full Springing
As All Creation, in flux and flow,
Heralds the Blessing her Smile is Bringing.

Her Subtle Shimmer in Gentle Hue
Caresses the Tranquil Cheek of Night,
Whispering Softness, Her Smile Subdues
The clamour bustling in Jubilant Light
Pouring from her Sister’s Smile;
Her own Song Peacefully Swelling,
As Starlight winks in Blissful Guile,
Their Secrets and Stories Serenely Telling.

Sisters Bound by Love and Life,
They Balance and Uphold,
Perpetually Spiraling in Joy and Strife,
As we walk in their Brilliance, Brave and Bold.
Sister Smiling Upon us All,
Watching and Eternally Knowing,
Through our Rise and Inevitable Fall,
Harmony within us is Patiently Growing.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Nadia Strelkina