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So here it is…the very first (Possibly ever!) Reverse Book Review where the reader reviews the book and then is interviewed by ME….and YOU! Yes, thats right, you can ask any questions you like about the book(s) and Chad will be happy to answer them.  So lets get right to it, shall we?

Chad R Slabach Jr
Misericorde (Mercy Series Book One)

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020…..Cynthia A Morgan wrote the Dark Fey trilogy and I loved that…this is a very different sort of book. For one, it’s slower paced and the work of a very talented author who has time (there are 3 more books to come in the series) to let the story unfold, to allow the reader to know and understand the characters, times, environments. She is patient and assured – 2 words I would hesitate to use to describe most anything culturally. We are raised on soundbites and fed headlines, but this book/series is, especially the more I think about it, so difficult to adequately distill into a short synopsis. It’s spiritual and human. It’s violent and tender. It’s desperate and deeply hopeful. I can’t wait to see where she takes us from here.


Who is your favorite/least favorite character and why?
My least favorite is easy: Sauvage. In a space that is forgetting any resemblance of gentleness or care, his absolute lack of humanity is repulsive.
My favorite has been Chevalier or Levesque for the same reason. As I raged at their apathy and unwillingness to DO SOMETHING, I knew why they didn’t (or couldn’t.) They did for the same reason we stand idly by while the least of us are utterly taken advantage of and great violence is inflicted. Morgan couldn’t have known the specific political/social landscape when she wrote it, but this story is perfect for us, now. I guess it’s perfect for any time, because we are too often Chevalier or Levesque and not enough Tzadkiel and Lourdes. (As it turns out, why I love them is that they DID finally DO SOMETHING and I am proud of them, and it gives me hope for us, for me.)

What surprised you about the story that you didn’t expect
In my reviews I talk about your patience. It’s shocking to me that this story is given such beautiful space to breathe and be exactly what it is. It feels much less like a contrived product driven by bells and whistles and more like a living breathing organism. Then when the bells and whistles do come, they are genuine and unforced and we discover that we actually care deeply for these characters. It’s like we’re watching lives unfold and not just an event.

What are you hoping to see happen as the story moves forward?
Of course, I hope they find their way home and that they can heal from the tremendous amount of pain they’ve suffered. I don’t know if I can hope for anything other than Death to ride, it sounds like that is written so it shall be done. I just hope they all find peace. I love a happy ending (whether there can be a complete one with Death is doubtful.)

Which scene has lingered with you the most? Why?
The 2nd rape/abuse scene at the campsite was horrible and not something I will soon leave behind. It was much more impactful than the 1st (though the act itself is so vile) because I had grown to love them. I read it through tears, with an upset stomach. The visceral reaction I had was surprising…actually, I was absolutely sure the abuse wouldn’t happen. Absolutely sure! And then it did, written so descriptively it was REAL, and I barely kept from throwing up in horror. I still can’t move on.

Does the story remind you of any other books/movies?
There’s nothing like this.

Did you disagree with any of the characters decisions and why?
I think the disagreement was in the complete breakdown in human kindness and civility, like “how can they do that???” But I know, I know. It’s a mirror of what we can become and an invitation to become something more of what we were created to be.

Did you get any message / positive inspiration from the story?
The invitation I mentioned previously, and the quote, “May we show our thankfulness through kindness and appreciate our blessings through generosity,” has become the subject in a series I am teaching in our faith community and has been quoted often in my life. We should all aim so high.

If you could ask the author anything about the book, what would it be?
How does it end???? And How COULD you DO THAT to HER???????????


Clandestine (Mercy Series Book Two
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning!!!
Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2020


Chad Slabach is a friend I’ve known for twenty+ years.  If you are a long time follower of my blog, he was the inspiration for The Burning Question series.  He is the leader of a non-denominational faith community based in south-central PA as well an as avid music fan and writer.  You can find Chad on his WordPress Blog The Bridge Faith Community. 

I’d like to Thank Chad immensely, not only for his enthusiastic support, but for taking time out of his busy schedule to read and review The Mercy Series AND to provide his insights in this Reverse View 🙂


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A Reverse ‘View – #Book #Interviews Backwards


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Book reviews are a marvelous thing.  For an author, each one is the Holy Grail; an invaluable treasure we are ever searching to acquire.  Yet, I have found very often after reading a review that I want to know more.  Whether the review is for one of my own books or a tale I want to learn more about, I am always left wondering what else the reader thought.

Limited in most cases to under 300 words, reviewers typically choose and use their lexicon wisely, but how do you adequately summarize a daring adventure, sweeping romance, or beguiling mystery of over 100K words with so few?

Being a creative problem solver, I have thought about this repeatedly, wondering how to free the reviewer of the constraints of social media attention spans and give them the opportunity to pontificate pleasingly and profusely.

Here enters the Reverse ‘View.  Note the apostrophe, please.  It’s placement is intentional. Not only does this title indicate what you are about to see or read is not what you might anticipate, but it denotes, in this case, the omission of the letters INTER.

How often have you read an author interview? Come on now, be honest; how often have you actually read the entire thing?  I confess, I’m as guilty as most, but what if I interviewed YOU?  We do it all the time.  We ask each other what we thought about the movie we saw over the weekend, how the restaurant we went to compared to others; we even ask each other about books we’ve read.

We interview each other.  So why not interview READERS about the books they’ve read?  This is what you want to know…not what the author wants to tell you to make you buy it, but what the reader thought.  Was it good or an epic failure?  Did you read it all in one weekend because you couldn’t put it down? Why? What made it so good?

Now, imagine if YOU could read the reader’s interview and then ask them whatever it is YOU want to know.  It a nifty notion, not? (Ok, I love alliterations, but ‘lest I digress..) Enter the Reverse ‘View.  An interview of a reader.  An interactive interview! Interested? (sorry, it was right there!)

Before I lose you…In the coming weeks (and months, depending on how much YOU like them) I will be posting a series of Reverse ‘Views.  Interviewing readers about books you may or may not have ever heard of… and giving YOU the opportunity to ask them questions too (in the comments, of course!)

I hope you will enjoy them.  I hope you will join them.  And, of course, ultimately, I hope you will read them 🙂






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Delicate Thread – #Poetry for #Meditation


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Delicate Thread

Delicate Thread
Of All my Understanding
Touching my Soul in this Dimness,
Speak to me in Whispers
Loud enough to Hear
Yet Gentle enough
That my Fragile, fearful heart
Does not Take Flight.

Delicate Thread
Of All my Comprehension
Leading me Onward Into the Breaking Morn,
Cast Your Light onto
My clouded Path
So my weak and straining Perception
May Ever See

Delicate Thread
Of All my Boundless Joy
Transforming In this Bleak and Tainted Place,
Shine From me into the World
So others may See
And Know this All Encompassing Pleasure
For Themselves.


Beautiful original Artwork by: valeriemonthuit at Deviantart.com

“The Most Engaging Book I’ve #Read in Years!” – #Free!


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Misericorde, Book One of The Mercy Series is currently FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME

It’s the year 2446, and the first three Horsemen of Revelation’s Apocalypse have ridden.

Pestilence, War and Famine have changed the world into a dictatorship ruled with an iron fist. Commoners have few rights, and liberty is a distant memory.

Before the final Horseman is released, the Archangel of Mercy – Tzadkiel – makes a bold plea, asking for permission to find even one human who remembers the meaning of mercy and compassion. He is given 100 years, until Death will sweep across the land.

Taking human form and coming to Earth, he finds a place ruled by greed, hatred and fear. With time running out and Death growing impatient, can Tzadkiel find what he’s looking for… and how much will he need to sacrifice?



5 STARS – Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
Misericorde is the first installment in the Mercy series. It is a work of fiction in the epic fantasy genre and was penned by author Cynthia A. Morgan. Set after the first three horsemen of the apocalypse have been let loose upon Earth and shifted humanity into a feudalistic series of dictatorships, the Archangel of Mercy begs for a reprieve for humanity before the final horseman is unleashed. Given a hundred years to find a human capable of mercy and compassion, the Archangel is dangerously close to the deadline when they meet one person on a planet filled with hatred who may meet their criteria. The novel contains some moderate content that may not be suitable for readers below a mature teen level.

Author Cynthia A. Morgan has crafted a lavish and detailed read which audiences are sure to devour from cover to cover thanks to its quick pacing and highly engaging plot. I particularly adored Tzadkiel as a central character, whose determined belief that humanity may have hope yet is a central theme that endears him and his quest to us. There is a great atmosphere in the writing and lexical choices made by the author, painting the pseudo-medieval world with a bleak and desolate brush. This makes the juxtaposition of hope all the more important and prominent when the search reaches its potential conclusion. I found the plot structure to be well-timed and with plenty of ups and downs to keep the story interesting. Overall, I would certainly recommend Misericorde for fantasy fans everywhere.”


Grab your FREE COPY Today!

Dare to #Dream – #Thoughts of #PositivePower


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What Dreams May Come

Those who dream by day
are cognizant of many things
that escape those who dream only at night.

Edgar Allan Poe


These days have grown dark and darker.  My Spirit is weary of the hatred and noise, the unrest and outrage, the lies and the very great loss all around.  Loss of Trust.  Loss of Hope.  Loss of Love.

What allows us to continue to Dream in such times?  Some say Dreams are only misfiring electrical stimuli in our brains.  An expulsion of left over energy from the day that our body is shuffling off, but I Believe Dreams are much more.  Can a misfiring electrical impulse fill our hearts with Hope?  Would a shuffling off of left over energy Inspire and stir us to action?  I think not.

Dreams live within us, each hour of every day.  They softly whisper, whether we are listening or not.  Today, we fill our days with so much other noise we barely notice.  Outside electrical stimuli has blinded us to our own internal sources; yet when we finally shut off, when the hours of moonlight and stars hush our rushing haste, our Essence is still able to speak.

Speak through Dreams.

Dreams teach us things we’ve forgotten.  They Remind of those who have gone before and places we’ve left behind.  They touch us with gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, imagery that leaves us wondering, but do they speak truth or merely prattle nonsense?

I Believe they tell us things we need to remember.  They speak about our strengths as well as our weaknesses.  They Guide us, or would Guide us, if we allowed them.

I have recurring themes in many of my dreams.  I often dream of tidal waves threatening to sweep me and my loved ones away.  Or I am driving my car and the brakes fail.  I even have a recurring dream about a house that has a witch abiding in the attic whom I fear more than anything else.

Odd?  Maybe.  But if I take a moment to think about these images, I realize that I dream about waves and being swept away when I’m stressed and over-burdened.  Is my body telling me what I’m ignoring so I can better cope with the challenges of the Day?  When I dream about my car losing its brakes, is my body whispering that I’m feeling out of control and in danger of being hurt?  Is the witch that lives in the attic the dark negativity in my mind that casts spells of fear and suspicion that could bewitch and mislead me?

‘Those who dream by day
are cognizant of many things
that escape those who dream only at night.’

What are your Dreams telling you?



Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jim Warren

The #Power of The Wait – #Focusing #Positive #Energy and #Patience


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There was a small village, set in the middle of nowhere. While the rest of the world updated their Facebook pages, Tweeted, LinkedIn, texted, posted, and multi-tasked at a pace even Data from the Enterprise would find impressive, this tiny island of inhabitation, cohabitation and harmony went on in blissful serenity. Isolated from the modern economy by miles of wilderness and separated from the modern culture of Want, Avarice, Greed, and Self-Promotion. This community set its standards for excellence by different measures.

Led by a Chief who was the most honorable, who was just and merciful, caring and compassionate, yet strict in his moral code, the people of the village lived in a collective accord with each other and with nature. They shared their wealth, as well as their poverty, equally; they worked together for the prosperity of all and, when needs arose outside their sphere of influence they would make appeals to their Chief to provide for them.

One day a young man came to the Chief with a request of pressing urgency. Sitting down at the fire with this young man, the Chief listened carefully to his concerns without interruption, his kindly expression filled with understanding and patience. The young man, however, was fretful, distracted, impatient and tense, and repeatedly rose from his place at the fire to pace around the room or go to the door and stare anxiously outward, his emotions ruling his thoughts and logic.

It was not a simple request he was making. What he needed was not something to be found within the limits of the village and the price of collecting it was costly. Nevertheless, the Chief listened, understood, and assured the young man he would work diligently on acquiring the item, regardless of how long it took. He asked the young man to wait until he sent word to him that the item had arrived and he could come back to get it. Agitated and unappeased, the young man went away.

The following week the young man returned. His countenance was shaken; his nerves were frazzled. He asked the Chief all over again for the item, repeating much of what he had already said, never giving the Chief a moment to assure him that the process of acquisition was already taking place and it would not be long until it would be shipped to the village. Overwrought with worry, the young man begged insistently, growing angry when the Chief tried to explain that the young man would have to wait just a bit longer.

Another week passed and no message came from the Chief to tell the young man the item had arrived. Thoroughly vexed, he decided to set out on his own for the towns, miles away through savage wilderness, with little money in his pocket. He did not know how he would attain the item he needed, but he carried with him a blade that would protect him from harm as well as convince those who sold the item of his urgent need. He left his home, his village and his chief.

The very next day word came to his hut that the Chief requested him to come to his tent at the center of the village. The item of his desire had finally arrived; the Chief had worked tirelessly, night and day, to raise funds so it could be purchased, packaged carefully, shipped and he now stood with the delicate, beautiful treasure in his hands, awaiting the young man’s arrival so he could give it to him and they could celebrate together.

The young man, however, did not come. He did not know the answer to his prayer was waiting for him, because he had wandered away out of impatience and anger. He did not know that all he had to do was come back to his Chief, open his hand and receive it.

How often I am like this young man. Blustering, Begging, Bartering, yet often, not quite patient enough. OH! What treasures have I lost because I wandered away!


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Trust – #Poetry of #Hope and #Power for Dark Times


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Trust is Taking a Step forward, in spite of not knowing what the outcome of that step might be.
Trust is Walking in the Light of Faith, even when your mind is full of uncertainties.
Trust is Hoping in the face of improbability.
Trust is Believing the Path you are on is the One Meant For You.
Trust is closing your eyes and Listening with your Spirit.
Trust is Knowing that you will never be led to a place you cannot contend with or from where you cannot Learn and Grow.
Trust is Behaving like what you Expect to happen has Already happened.
Trust is Working towards Goals you never Dreamed of Setting.
Trust is Smiling when the Sweet Voice of Reassurance Whispers in your ear that Everything will be All Right.
Trust is Living with Joy when you are surrounded by cheerlessness and anger.
Trust is Waking to the Dawn with a Thankful Heart.
Trust is Loving even before Love Arrives.
Trust is a Daily Choice.
Trust Trusts.


Beautiful Original art by: Stuart Manuel

#DarkFey The Reviled is now Available on #Audible!


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#DarkFey The Reviled is now Available on #Audible!

#FREEDOWNLOAD #COUPONS Available for a Limited Time….Please comment for one


UK: https://www.audible.co.uk/…/The-Reviled-The-Powe…/B089QWL9SV
★★★★★ – “The Reviled has everything you could want from an epic fantasy adventure.”

★★★★★ – “This author has an incredibly visceral and intense writing style. I loved the interplay between the light and the darkness.”

★★★★★ – “Morgan is a master of description. If you want something fresh, try out the Dark Fey Series.”



Memory – #Metaphysical #Poetry for #ChallengingTimes


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Memory of Elden Days
Whispers of Forgotten Time
Breeze of anticipation Dancing
on Under-stated Rhyme
Chance encounter of Recollection
As Chivalry unfolds
Granite apparition rising
from palisades untold
Memory of Yesterday
Wisp of Unspoken Lore
Unheralded Remembrances
Echoing evermore


(So often we forget what we should Remember
Time and place whispers, softly, silently,
And though history repeats itself
We barely heed what we knew
and know not what we forget to recall.)






Beautiful Original Photograph By Anne McKinnell


Talisman- #metaphysical #poetry


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Transcendental limits

of Unencumbered Time,

Tracing Platonic limits

in Corporeal Design,

Hearken to Capricious Notions,

Enigmatically Dancing,

Luminous and Insubstantial,

Yet Inescapably Entrancing.

Delving Past the Material Void

of Deliberate Voracity,

Talisman of Consideration

Challenging Human Capacity.


Lovely photo found at: http://www.andrewcomiskey.com

Immortality- A State of Mind or Body? – #BookReviews


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What if the Fountain of Youth was real?

Humans have always been obsessed with aging and death. Throughout history, the quest for a way to remain forever young has consumed mankind. What if two men stumbled upon a way to ensure eternal youth? What if it changes their lives, not only for the better, but in ways they never could have imagined?

Immortal is a story filled with adventure, mystery, and thrilling twists. Follow these men as they stumble upon not only their greatest discovery, but possibly their ultimate undoing.


My Review-  5-Stars!

Through the shifting tides of time, humans have yearned for eternal youth. How does one achieve the seemingly impossible? Is youth a physical or mental condition? Immortal unlocks the mind to explore these questions and more. It challenges the reader to step beyond the box of contemporary thinking and reach beyond accepted limitations. Each page invites the reader to not only enjoy the tale unfolding around two compelling and relatable characters, but to question deeper and seek further along with the characters.

A thoroughly unexpected and satisfying page-turner, Immortal will tempt you to unlock the Fountain of Youth waiting in your own life. A highly recommended read, particularly for these challenging times.


Immortal by David Boiani

David Boiani is an American author living in Coventry, RI. He writes Psychological thrillers mixed with a touch of horror. He has two short story collections available, Dark Musings and Darker Musings. His debut novel, A Thin Line and its sequel, The Redemption are also now available. He is currently working on two more novels: Immortal, which will be released in the fall of 2019 and Azreal’s Ledge, which will be released in the spring of 2020.

You can visit his website here



Demons, Chaos, Shadows and Light -The #Creative Dynamics of #Fantasy #Author #D.M.Cain


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I’d like to introduce D.M. Cain to you.  A marvelously skilled author who has a new series – A Chronicle of Chaos (The Light and Shadow Chronicles)

D.M. Cain is a dystopian and fantasy author working for Next Chapter Publishing. The Light and Shadow Chronicles series features a range of books which can be read in any order. The series installments to date include A Chronicle of Chaos, The Shield of Soren, Genesis of Light and Origin of Shadow.

Cain has released one stand-alone novel: The Phoenix Project, a psychological thriller set in a dystopian future. The Phoenix Project was the winner of the 2016 Kindle Book Review Sci-Fi novel Award.

Cain lives in Leicestershire, UK with her partner and two young children, and spends her time reading, writing, reviewing, and indulging in geek culture (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy).


Bound by fate. Severed by blood.

In a realm ravaged by war, The Brotherhood of Shadow and The Children of Light will stop at nothing to destroy each other.

The warrior known as Chaos fights in the name of honor and glory. Arrogant and headstrong, he considers himself the strongest in the land, until fate puts him at the mercy of the demon Anathema.

The two strike up an intense rivalry, but their obsession to defeat one another only leads them closer together.

When the forces of Light and Darkness collide, where will their loyalties lie?


★★★★★ – “Outstanding. Strongly recommended to anyone who likes young adult fantasy.”

★★★★★ – “A unique and different approach to the old themes of angels and demons.”

★★★★★ – “Fantasy world, demons, angels, complex moral dilemmas. I’m sold.”


HI DM  🙂  What do you love most about writing?

I love the sense of discovery and adventure that comes with writing fantasy. Although I plan my work and have an idea where I want scenes to go, there is still a sense of the plot unfolding before me. Sometimes, after a long and difficult day all I want to do is lose myself in my fantasy world.

I know precisely what you mean!  So tell us, what inspired you to write your book?

When I was around ten years old, my friend and I created a whole imaginary world and made up hundreds of stories that existed in those settings. The books I write now are inspired by those stories. As I got older, it became less a passing interest and more of a calling – I couldn’t allow the stories to remain locked in my head forever.

I , for one, am so glad you didn’t!  For me, the story just seems to happen and I just type it out  Do your characters dictate what or how your write in any way?

In order to write believable and likeable characters, an author needs to really get into their heads, and know them inside and out. By doing so, it almost gives the characters life, and with time they start acting on their own! Sometimes I can be deep into a scene and something can happen that I had never intended. For example, in my current novel, a character grabs a flaming torch off the wall and sets fire to a room (which is very much in his character!) and I had no idea that was going to happen when I sat down to write! Characters have minds of their own and sometimes all I can do is to go along with the flow.

Thats often difficult for a non-writer to understand, but characters really do become alive while you’re writing the story.  And so often, the story takes turns you might not expect.  Are you a painstaking plotter or are you a discovery writer?

I have always been somewhere in the middle. I tend to plan my overarching plot points and get to know my characters really well. But it takes a while to get into the tone of a book and sometimes my original plans have to change because they don’t work anymore. I think, for me, the most important thing is to be adaptable and to be willing to change the plot if the story needs it.

What’s your number one tip for an aspiring author?

Get into the online writing community. There are so many fantastic writing groups on Facebook and Twitter. The writing community is fantastically helpful, inspirational and supportive. I have met editors, illustrators, promoters, publishers and many more through my online presence and it has given me a lot of knowledge about the industry. Plus, I have made lots of amazing friends who are always there to motivate and push me, read my work and give tips, or just have a brainstorming session with.

Are there any characters you’ve created that you would like to meet and why?

Hmm.. tricky. Raven from The Phoenix Project is moody and intense, Chaos from A Chronicle of Chaos is arrogant, Callista is too intimidating. I really like Dana and Soren from A Chronicle of Chaos – they’re both friendly and cool.

I liked Raven as well.  His intensity was what drew me into the story.  Do you get drawn into stories too?  If you could live in a book, which one would it be – why?

Again, a tricky question, as all the books I like are in dystopian, war-filled, cataclysmic or apocalyptic nightmares! I wouldn’t mind living in the world of The Magic Faraway Tree – I loved it so much as a child.

Writing really does become our lives, even if we still have day-jobs.  Its fabulous when someone recognizes all your hard work with a stellar review, but What about bad ones? How do you deal with those?

I used to take the criticism badly and get upset for days. But unfortunately, bad reviews are just part of being a writer. Now, I don’t dwell on them but I make sure to read them carefully. They can be a valuable source of advice – if you know what a reader doesn’t like, you might be able to avoid it in future.

Speaking of the future….What’s exciting you about your next project?

My current project is a new novel in my fantasy series, The Light and Shadow Chronicles. The Sins of Silas is so much fun because it is from the POV of the opposing army and I haven’t written anything from them before. It’s great fun to have the characters inverted – the bad guys are now the good guys and vice versa. Plus, Silas Wilder himself is a mischievous trickster and a hedonistic bad boy, so he’s all kinds of fun!

Before you go, can you tell us something about you that we don’t know yet…like…Do you have a Mantra  or a Quote you try to live by?

‘Every book is written one word at a time’ – I like to remind myself of this. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to write the words. Even the classics were only written one word at a time.

You can D.M Cain here:

Amazon Author Page

D.M Cain’s Website

Publisher’s Author Page

A Chronicle of Chaos Book link  


I’d like to thank D.M Cain for sharing her valuable time and talent with BnV.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about her amazing work and will take a few minutes to explore her website….its amazing!



Happy BnVersary BooknVolume! – #BloggingMilestones


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SEVEN years? Seven whole years?  Is it even possible? 7 years of endless (well, nearly) blather, prattle, amalgamations, poetically engineered terms, and sentences long enough to make even Charles Dickens envious in a celebration of Words Words Words!

Yes, Indeed!  Today is Booknvolume’s Seventh Anniversary 🙂  Or BnVersary, as I like to say (thus the aforementioned ‘amalgamations’) and I simply had to share the joy!  After all, if you didn’t love words as much as I, you wouldn’t be here; certainly wouldn’t continue to return day after day (or week after week) to see what Morgan is Musing about now.  Perhaps I’m doing something ‘write’; perhaps it’s sheer morbid curiosity on your part; who’s to say, really, but at the end of the day, this non-descript little blog has brought MUCH joy to my life (and hopefully a portion to yours as well) 🙂  You may know me rather well by now. You might be quite familiar with my ramblings, and you may understand exactly how words move my heart and soul (perhaps because they move you similarly) but the following expresses it so well, I simply had to share it (again).  And for those of you who may be new to BnV, this may, perhaps, shed some light into exactly how much I LOVE words.


…Since my thoughts are flying in a rather confusing array of directions, at least at the present moment, I thought I would preface this post with the aforementioned disclaimer before I end up lost somewhere in the wilds of Uzbekistan with you sitting there with that particularly enchanting, though perhaps somewhat frustrating (at least for you) puzzled expression on your face that most people end up having when they sit down and read one of my whirling words posts, most particularly on night’s such as this when the words are flowing faster than I can logically keep up with, though often, depending upon the moon’s cycle or how much chocolate and/or caffeine I may have had before sitting down to begin writing, it can be a rather bewildering experience; whereat, being the kindhearted soul that I am, and never wishing to intentionally lead someone into a grammatical quagmire, as I am for all intents and purposes a good soul ( though you and I both know that even good souls have halo’s that glow neon red now and again) I generally tend to use this moment of perplexity to point out that I did warn you, my dearest readers, very early on in our relationship (that being the early days of BnV) that I do have the most annoying (or potentially amusing, depending once again upon the aforementioned phase of the moon or how much chocolate or caffeine You’ve ingested before beginning to read) predilection to run off on wild tangents of verbosity that would make even Charles Dickens’s head ache, but let that go.

Word Count: 258
Sentences: 1
Passive Sentences: 0
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 52.2 …. YES!!!!!!!!!!! (My work here is done, thank you)

It is moments such as this that give me the oddest, yet greatest pleasure and were during my high school years, amusingly, opportunities for me to stretch my writing skills to such degrees that my English professor ( a very good soul indeed who loved words nearly as much as I did/do) resorted to noting that my fondness for crafting compound-complex sentences on the backs of my test papers during the remaining time I had in class (because I often finished the tests early, being rather good in English class, perhaps not entirely surprisingly) and then diagramming them for the sheer delight of doing so was, in his opinion, a very strong indicator that I had, either, some form of mental derangement not yet diagnosed, or, I was a word-smith in the making. (oooo Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 53.8! Marvelous! )

You may at this moment tend to agree and I would not argue the fact, but before I leave you with a beautifully muddled expression, please allow me Bestow this final thought:

To Write; To Paint with Words as an Artist Bedecks his canvas with hues and shades and layers of pigmentation; To Sing a Melody upon which the gaze may Linger and over which the Heart may Muse again and again: To Create visual Splendour with grammar and language that is, perhaps, fundamentally underutilized or neglected ( and to use Capitalization in the most maddening, although previously explained, manner), to me, is the most Beguiling form of Intoxication in which I could ever take Pleasure and, for you, Dear Intrepid Reader, to Undertake the Journey; to Brave the Frontier of Superfluous Verbosity and reach the shore with a Smile (though, perchance, to some extent exhausted), is, Hopefully, far more Rewarding an Endeavor than many.


I hope you enjoyed this Superfluous Verbosity and will continue to do so during the days, weeks, and hopefully years to come!  After all, without YOU my dear followers and intrepid readers, BnV would simply NOT BE!

Thank YOU for Sharing the Journey with me.


Whats Half-a-Million? – #Live #Author #Interviews


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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a LIVE Radio Interview.  Chat and Spin Radio, a UK Based Internet Radio Broadcaster invited me to share a little bit about myself, my books, and why I wrote them.

Did I mention it was LIVE?

Yes, Live!

Me! 🙂

Oh boy, was I nervous…I was pacing around the place two hours ahead of time.  Why?, well, I’ve never spoken in front of upwards of a half a million listeners before! :O

Yes, half a million!

Ok, it was only 5 minutes, but still, it was the most nerve-wracking and exciting 5 minutes of my life…..

PHEW!   It was a joy, it was terrifying, it was amazing!

And yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but I really do mean all of them.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload the nifty video I created (If I do say so myself) to share the interview.

So I have only one option, but to share the link to the video (which is on Facebook)

I hope you will pop by and give it a look/listen.

Chat and Spin Radio Live Interview

And if I haven’t mentioned it in a while….THANK YOU!  Because without you, this would all be fairly pointless, now wouldn’t it?



#SignedBooks Now Available – #DarkFantasy #Dystopian #Drama


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Hey Friends!
If you’re intrigued by my new books, The Mercy Series, but love the good ol’ fashion feeling of holding a book and not a device, I’ve good news!   Misericorde and Clandestine are now available in paperback (Misericorde is also available in HARDCOVER!)

What’s more, if you’d love a signed copy it’s fairly easy to do.  Drop me a message and we can work out the details.

Until then…heres a snippet, just to intrigue you even more….


His gaze repeatedly stole to take her in. She wasn’t doing anything in particular that attracted his attention, but the way the light played through the waves of her chestnut-red hair and the manner in which her clothing fell across the curves of her body were incomprehensibly mesmerizing. There was something about her that made his senses spin and caused his body to respond in ways he’d never experienced before. It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. He needed to understand it. More importantly, he needed to learn how to recognize the signs before the unpredictable emotions and sensations blindsided him, which unfailingly resulted in distinctly awkward behavior that attracted her attention. He didn’t want these deviations from his usual behavior to cause her distress and he certainly didn’t enjoy the consternation such deviations caused him.

A hoarse, resonant chuckle echoed tauntingly in his mind. “You should have studied humanity more closely before assuming their form.”

It was the same voice he always heard, though now, instead of arguing with him, it seemed to mock him. It was the final Horseman, Death, who waited behind a framework of energy that would not allow him to pass into the realm of men. He was caged until Tzadkiel released him or until the full 100 years that had been appointed was completed, but time was growing short. He was inescapably impatient.

“I know.” He spoke the words under his breath so Lourdes would not hear him, but he knew Death heard him. He could tell by the derisive laughter that followed and he parried with a similarly derisive retort. “You know less than I.”

“I need only know what is in their hearts and that I can see as plainly as you can.”
Tzadkiel nodded slowly. “I know.”

“You do not seem to know enough.” Death’s voice was so loud inside his mind that Tzadkiel turned to look at Lourdes, certain she must also hear him, but of course she didn’t. She stood looking up at the sun, her thoughts consumed. The radiant afternoon light streamed over her, and his gaze lingered on her rose-hued cheeks and lips. He’d seen human women for centuries. Why she seemed so different was a conundrum he simply could not unravel…or deny.

“I see what is in your heart as well.”

The thought had not occurred to him. Now that he was in human form his nature was revealed to those who had the gift of Vision just as surely as any other human’s nature was and he was unsure if he was comfortable knowing that his innermost desires could be assessed by one such as Death. He responded unhelpfully, speaking in a low tone between gritted teeth.

“What of it?”

The resonant laugher filled his ears once more. “Think like a man, Archangel.”


Misericorde on Amazon

Clandestine on Amazon