Your Grace- #Poems of #Spirituality


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Your Grace

Introspection may shed some Light
On what I Thought was almost Right,
But when I turn my enfeebled Sight
To Your Throne, Where You Reign in Might,
This Tarnished, Calloused, Thorny Blight,
That Ever Intrudes with the dark of night,
May be My burden, My Struggle, My Plight;
Yet When I feel so feeble and Slight,
Your Grace is Enough to make my Path Bright.

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Seeking – #Poetry of #Spirituality and #Meditation


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dream- tranquility

When the Light fails and shadows,
Like demons ,creep into the Twilight,
Refresh my Thoughts with Calm Tranquility
And Soothe my Senses as Mildly as Chamomile,
That in my confusion I will Ever Seek Your Abiding Love.

When darkness lurks and fear takes root,
Like thick and tumbling wintry fog,
Warm my Heart with Gentle Reassurance
And Comfort my anxiety as Tenderly as Devotion,
That in my uncertainty I may Ever Remember You are Near.

When Weariness O’rewhelms my mind
And Subtleties escape my plummeting grasp,
Alleviate my turmoil with Quiet Serenity
And Smooth my frazzled nerves with Your Calming Hand,
That in my Calamity I will Ever Feel Your Presence.




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Precious Hour -#Poetry of #Spirituality and #Love


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Precious Hour

When All the Shadows are past
And the Night draws to its close
Stay by my side
And Watch the Day Return with me
For in that Precious Hour
When Light Spreads its Radiance
Over this Slumbering Sea of Life
And All Creation Stirs in Resilience
I look into Your Eyes
And Smile Because I am Home.



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Never Forsaken- #Poetry of #Hope


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Never Forsaken

When my Focus drifts away,
Tossed upon the cloudy seas
Draw me back, Dear Lord, To Stay,
Because Your Love Eternally Frees.

When my Faith begins to falter,
Blocked by this worlds churning fire,
Anchor my Thoughts like the Rock of Gibraltar,
Let me Rest where Your Love Never Tires.

When my Dreams are shaken,
Scattered by deceit and Lies,
Remind me Lord, I am Never Forsaken,
In Your Love, my Spirit Sighs.


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Entwined- #LovePoetry


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Enchant my Pounding Heart, My Love,
With All Your Sweetness and Guile.
Beguile my Waking Dreams,
Arrayed as Fine as Eros Divine.
Tantalize my Every Yearning,
With Your most devilish Smile.
Wrap me in Your Breathless Ardor,
My Spirit Lovingly Entwine.


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Precious Metal- #Poetry of #Inspiration


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Precious Metal

Inspiration comes in many Colours
And Touches our Life in different ways,
But when Creativity is stifled,
Discouraged, or ridiculed,
The Precious metal that once was Bright as Light itself,
Tarnishes and fades
For fear of Shining.

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Cradle of Years- #Poetry


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Cradle of Years

Satin Moon

Stars of Fire

Cosmos of Eternity

Drawing Consciousness Higher

Liquid Blackness

Cradle of Years

Time without Depth

Perpetuity without Tears


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Josephine Wall



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Colours of Silk,
Soft Hues’ Shifting Sand,
Silence Lifting
Like the Most Gentle Hand.
Moonlight Singing
Of Distant Dreams;
Lavender Mantle,
Melancholy Themes.
Mist of Whispers,
Reflection of Light,
Subtle, Silvery,
Lullaby Night.

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#Authors, #Poets, #Writers of all Kinds and #Readers Needed!


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Interested? Stop by the group, have a look around, see what you think. Over 400 have joined in just TWO DAYS!

Take Overs Taking Over Group:



Non-Stop, Edge-of-your-Seat #Fantasy- A #5star, Full-Throttle #Review


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I simply had to share the extraordinary review of Clandestine… Book Two of the Mercy Series.
” I’ll try to tone down my excitement this time, guys. I’m sorry for shouting at you all. Actually, I’m not. Because once again—
And that’s just the beginning 😁

The year is 2446. After nearly a century-long search Tzadkiel, Archangel of Mercy, has found the one merciful person left on Earth. His task is nearly complete with Lourdes at his side. Nothing but his conscience stands between him and releasing the Final Horseman, Death, from his waiting place.

Although they managed to escape the tyrannical ruling faction, Tzadkiel needs to find a place to keep Lourdes safe.  Love blossoms as they cross the French countryside in search of a sanctuary, while a ruthless soldier clings to their trails. Determined to take revenge on The Archangel and claim Lourdes for himself, this unscrupulous officer will go to any lengths to get his hands on them.

How far will an Archangel go to protect one person?

Love, rage, lust and blissfully sweet romance fuel this non-stop, edge-of-your-seat fantasy that blends a medieval dystopian future with the supernatural world of angels and demons.

An Excerpt from the Review:

Last style point— TENSION. Good grief, the romantic tension. That’s another reason that I had to stop so frequently. I’ll preface by saying this: I am a very expressive reader. If you watch me read, you’ll know exactly how I feel. So, this book is ROMANTIC. I put it in all caps and bold so you’ll know how important this is to me. Because it’s not the type of romance that’ll make you fan yourself and hide your phone screen. No, no, no. This is like squealing out loud in my car and beating the steering wheel while you blush like a little school girl (I did all of these things). This is the best, innocent style of romance. I was melting in my seat, you guys. I was eating lunch and telling my coworkers about it. It’s been a looooong time since I read anything that was this romantic without being smutty.

Find The Mercy Series on Amazon

Available on Audible



Eternity Singing- #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld


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Eternity Singing

There is a Quietude to the Embers of Night
That drifts through my Memory,
Spilling its Peaceful Melody
Into the Frenzy of my turbulent Sight.
Cascading Ribbons of Violet Haze
Reach from Heaven to, thus, Entrance me,
While Softest Mists of Starlight Glaze
The whirl of my Distracted energy.
Spinning Cosmic Ocean of Dreams
Turn my Thoughts to Peaceful Rest,
While You Sing Eternally
Of Life,
Of Renewal,
Of One Single Breath.

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The Good Witch of the South- A Captivating #YAFantasy Spin of a Classic


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There is a darkness brewing in the west and alarming rumors of dragons and an evil enchantress building an army to overthrow the Great Head of Oz. A demon fairy the Land of Oz hasn’t seen since Dorothy Gale destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West.

Soon to be sixteen-year-old Samantha Goodwitch, the daughter of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, knows she is disobeying her mother’s wishes when she leaves the castle to search for dragons, but she’d rather have an adventure than follow her mother’s command.

My 5-Star Review

Oz, that enchanting place we’ve all come to know so well, is the focus of this delightfully familiar yet intriguingly unique tale. My favorite character, the Bubble-traversing Glinda, now has a daughter and it is this young witch who must now rescue her realm from the evil gaining power in the West. With an alliance of brand-new characters, this young witch faces the challenges of coming-of-age while seeking adventure and discovering danger.

Sam Goodwitch of the South, is at that precarious and spectacular age when everything seems possible and tempting. Just sixteen, Sam goes against her mother’s wishes and abandons her life in the castle that has been her home so she can search for adventure. Not just any adventure, mind you; adventure in the shape of dragons. What she discovers, however, is that adventure isn’t always as bright and shining as the stories you hear as a child. Danger, duplicity and even death lurks around every corner.

New creatures fill the colorful pages of this lovely book whose narrative is lush with inviting details and picturesque landscapes. Oz is just familiar enough to captivate fans of the original story; yet delightfully new, with characters like Akasha, one of the Shadow Mountain Cats who saves Sam from her own fool-hardiness and becomes her greatest ally. Readers are treated, as well, to the presence of a Munchkin, along with a few scenes that mirror the original book.

Exhilarating and distinctively bewitching, The Good Witch of the South will whisk you off to a place you THINK you know for a journey that is as fresh and unforgettable as the classic from which it’s spun.

About the Author

Hidden deep in the woods of Brown County, Indiana T. C. Bartlett writes and draws his delightful and heartfelt books for children and adults.

Books currently published – Children’s Picture Books: It’s Music Time, A Dog Named Zero and the Apple With No Name, You Can’t Tickle Me.

Memoir: Roads Over Brown County

Books to be published in 2021 – Children’s Picture Book/Gift Book, Letting Go – Release Date: March 1, 2021. Cartoon Shark Book, Shark Bites – Release Date: June 1, 2021

About the Book

CM – What do you love most about Writing?

TC – Not sure I love writing because it takes so much out of me. However, I can’t seem to help myself. I think what I love the most about books is designing my books along with the writing.

CM – What inspired you to write your book?

TC – I don’t know why, but two years ago I decided to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz again. And at the same time I was reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I had acquired the rights to a

beautiful piece of fairy art and I was adding tattoos to the fairy and some additional leafy sprouts to her grapevine crown. Then it hit me, this fairy was the daughter of Glinda the Good Witch of the South and her last name was Goodwitch. I wrote the epilogue first and instantly knew what the story was going to be.

CM – Do your characters dictate what or how you write in any way?

TC – Yes. Most defiantly my characters control me when I write. Once I have decided what they look like in my mind, they force themselves on me and I can’t help but write what they tell me to write.

CM – What are you next projects, and are you going to write a squeal to The Good Witch of the South?

TC – My plan is to write and illustrate one children’s picture books a year. My first picture book, It’s Music Time, was published in 2018, and A Dog Names Zero and the Apple With No Name (a counting book), was published in 2019. Then in June of 2020 I published You Can’t Tickle Me. In 2022 I plan on publishing a children’s wordless picture book titled, Birds Fly, A Cat Tries. You’ll love the ending!

This year I actually have one children’s picture book/gift book that will be published in March, Letting Go, and one cartoon book about Sharks titled, Shark Bites, that will be publish in June.

As for writing a squeal to The Good Witch of the South, well . . . I’m not sure. I have written an outline for it, but to tell you the truth, writing The Good Witch of the South knocked the stuffing out of me. I am not sure I have it in me to write another one. But one never knows . . .

Find T C Barlett here

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