Green Shadow, Secret Tower, Luminous Shade- #Poetry and #Photography

IMAG0010 by regency728
IMAG0010, a photo by regency728 on Flickr.

The Broad Crown of the forest giant stretched into the sky,

Mingling with Sunlight, Cerulean and diffuse Emerald shadow,

Inviting, Enchanting, Calling….


IMAG0009 by regency728
IMAG0009, a photo by regency728 on Flickr.

The tower stood guard,



seeking the face of enemy and friend alike,

the first line of defense and the final battleground,

but the ancient stones had also seen secret loves shared,

heard the echoes of children’s laughter,

and tolled the hours of the day for centuries.

Secret now,

sinking behind the growth of bordering wood,

the tower reminisced and was silent.

IMAG0003 by regency728
IMAG0003, a photo by regency728 on Flickr.

Silver and bronze,
United in a quiet cote,
Listen in breathless silence
To lyrical birdsong,
Cicadal droning,
And the whispers of travelers
Stooping in its luminous shade.



(Images taken by me at Longwood Garden’s, Pennsylvania)


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