Words Like Wine

Words Like Wine

I often think in Prose, in Rhyme,
My diction flowing in Lyrical time,
Mighty as a Fervent flood in Spring,
They tumble and trip, Laugh and Sing,
Shaping themselves as they Rush along,
Wherever they Lead me, Right or Wrong,
Creating Tales both Epic and Frail
Like a Leviathan Upon the waves to Sail,
Into the waters of my Imagination,
Billowing with Vivid Exhortation,
Though often Blithe in Rhyme and Measure,
And Sometimes Unsuspected Treasure,
These words Pouring like Tempting Wine,
Revealing my Musings to Gently Shine.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Igor Zenin


  1. This is lovely – you know what they say about wine ( or at least I think this rings true) wine gets better as it ages;). I would say you words are like a fine wine and will continue to flow as such and become even sweeter over time. πŸ˜‰


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