Friday Fantasy – Warrior

Warrior (2)

Warrior Fair, Immortal Strong,
Awaken to my every Sense
The Mesmeric Lure of Your Imposing Song;
Confusion of Sweet Pretense.
Robed in Light from far Glimmering Star,
Bewitch and Utterly Beguile;
Sighs Breathe Deep wheree’er You Are,
Enticed Alone by a Warriors Smile.

Body bathed by Power Bold,
Eyes of Crystalline Blue;
Ethereal Locks of Flaxen Gold,
Draw me ever Closer to you.
Power and Might develop
An Aura of Brilliance Profound;
Zealous Feelings of Love envelop,
Warrior, to you I am Bound.

Sweet the Song of Your Passion, Luring,
My Heart Singing with Emotion True;
One Cerulean Glance, All Trepidation Curing,
Charmed by Devotion’s Blushing Hue.
Entice, Valiant Warrior, Brash and Bold;
Lead and I shall Willingly Follow,
Whisper like Most Precious Gold
And All the World Shall Seem False and Hallow!

In Wisps of Words, I call to thee,
God of Love, your Devotion I Desire;
Enraptured I Fall in Pure Ecstasy,
Conquered, you set my Heart Afire!
My Dearest Beloved, Soldier of War,
Embellished in Gilded Splendor;
Protector of all I have Waited here for,
It is to you my Soul I Surrender.

Golden God of Enrapturing Splendor,
Warrior Untamed by Mortal Propriety;
Temper this Passion with Moments Tender,
And Rule O’er as My Heart’s Own Deity.

For you alone, my Shimmering Wonder,
Are Thoughts Caressed so Valiantly;
Shield my Heart, filled with Love’s Hunger,
Dauntless in your Gallantry.

This poem was written in collaboration with Dorinda Duclos of Night Owl Poetry at Dorinda’s poetry is magical, mystical, enchanting, romantic, and entirely wonderful and there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not stop by her colourful world to dip my toes in the River of Imagination with her. She has become a close friend through the wonder of blogging and I am certain this will not be the last collaboration we share. Inspired by the, admittedly, Breathtaking image of this Elven Warrior, we decided to let him lead us wheree’er he wish to take us, and I certainly am delighted we did. With Dorinda’s lovely verses in italics so you can distinguish them from mine, I hope you find this brief narrative as Enchanting as we found it. Thank You Ever So Much, Dorinda; it’s been Splendid!!

Amazing Original Artwork by: Zeilyan


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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