Trust- #Inspirational #Poetry


Trust is Taking a Step forward, in spite of not knowing what the outcome of that step might be.
Trust is Walking in the Light of Faith, even when your mind is full of uncertainties.
Trust is Hoping in the face of improbability.
Trust is Believing the Path you are on is the One Meant For You.
Trust is closing your eyes and Listening with your Spirit.
Trust is Knowing that you will never be led to a place you cannot contend with or from where you cannot Learn and Grow.
Trust is Behaving like what you Expect to happen has Already happened.
Trust is Working towards Goals you never Dreamed of Setting.
Trust is Smiling when the Sweet Voice of Reassurance Whispers in your ear that Everything will be All Right.
Trust is Living with Joy when you are surrounded by cheerlessness and anger.
Trust is Waking to the Dawn with a Thankful Heart.
Trust is Loving even before Love Arrives.
Trust is a Daily Choice.
Trust Trusts.


Beautiful Original art by: Stuart Manuel


  1. loving before love even arrives…smiles…i like that of trust…and knowing you will be given the strength to contend with where you are placed…some nice spirituality in this…


  2. This is just beautifully expressed, Morgan. I would like to be able to choose a favorite line, but I cannot. They are all important. If I had to choose ONE (of many) that impacted me, I would choose: “Trust is Behaving like what you Expect to happen has Already happened.”


    1. Thank You Ever So Mary πŸ™‚ Writing this moved me, as well, and truly made me realize just how much trust I do have, when I thought there was little. Im so glad something in it speaks gently to you πŸ™‚
      Blessings and Peace, Friend~


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