The Gift – #Thoughts for #Christmas and #Renewal


My thoughts this morning were swimming, I do confess it. Swimming in the deep end of the pool, where I often do not stray, at least, not without one of those little blow up rubber duckey thingies.

In an attempt to re-center myself, I began to pray, as I often do when my thoughts go out the window. It is my meditation. My Source and Strength, and very often, my Inspiration. Considering the time of year, I let my thoughts focus on the Light coming into the world and the Opportunity that came into the world with it; opportunity for Renewal and Hope, for the Rekindling of Love and Compassion, and the beginning of something indescribable that would, ultimately, change the world forever. A Miracle, perhaps? A Transformation in the onset. A Revolution, some may say.

As my thoughts continued to focus, the Light became a bit too intense and made me squint; resulting in a slightly different perspective. You know how it is, I’m sure. Rather like looking at the Christmas Tree, or perhaps a candle or the moon, and squinting in order to turn the solid light into something sparkly, incandescent and somehow, more beautiful. In doing so, you see the entire Source differently, don’t you? Thus as I pondered, and my mind circumspectly wandered, (Poe-like, perhaps) a thought stepped out from the sparkling light to present itself for consideration.

The Book of Revelations: a mighty paradoxical and quizzical conundrum of words and phrases, largely incomprehensible, at least to me. (walk with me for a moment, I promise, I’ll come back round to my point in a moment). Odd, that a book, which is, by and large, poetic and metaphoric in nature, should confound me, a writer of, by and large, poetic and metaphoric writings, but perhaps that is the Paradox. Maybe. What if I’ve been reading this last book of The Bible all these years, desperately trying too make heads or tails out of it and failing because I’m …well, trying to make sense of it. What if this book is a book of poetry? A Verse (or twenty odd verses) written by a poet who had no understanding about what he was writing? What if I need to look at all the prophecy, the doom and gloom, chaos and calamity from the point of view of someone trying to describe something they cannot describe (rather like me right now).

This made me pause. (things to make you go “hmmmm?”) I might be barking up the wrong tree here, lost in the woods, wandering in circles, off the beaten path, but follow me for a moment, please; there might be light at the end of this tunnel. What if, instead of an apocalypse happening at some distant point in time that will cause despair and fear and turmoil, wars and disease, famine and natural catastrophes; what if all of it is already happening? What if the descriptions of The End Times in Revelations are merely an account of dreadful occurrences that are beyond the comprehension of someone living in a time when simplicity and homegrown remedies were the be all and end all of wisdom? (a lot of what if’s, to be sure!)

So what happens next? Does The Anointed One return, walking upon a cloud of smoke and fire, bearing The Light of all Light and Transforming the world in one fell swoop? Or is this description also an attempt to describe the indescribable? The unfathomable. What if, instead, The Return is more a Renewal? A Rekindling of Mind, Perception, Understanding; of Body, not just physical health, but a change in Attitude, Action, and Purpose; and of Spirit, Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance in Love and Service to others? A Renewal that will change the world into an Earthly Paradise where Peace and Harmony, Love and Joy will Co-Exist freely; where the lion will lie down with the lamb, or, to say it another way, where those who once hated and exploited, through a Miraculous Transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit brought on by a Return to The Light and The Source, will work with, for and beside those they once oppressed.

(is your head spinning yet, because mine still is!)

In this Season of Renewal, when a Miracle entered the world to offer Light and Life to All, wouldn’t it be Rapturous, indeed, to accept this Precious Gift given so selflessly? To decide not to wait on what someone else might do, but walk boldly into the future with a renewed sense of Purpose and direction; with a transformed opinion about the world and those with whom we share it; with a Rekindled Love that reaches across boundaries and beyond prejudice. Utopianism? Perhaps. But wouldn’t such a change be a Revelation? Wouldn’t it, eventually, alter the entire world? Wouldn’t it be, somewhat, apocalyptic, if there were a best sense to that word?


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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