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Spring is Reaching outward from the Narrow Confines of Winter,
Painting the barren starkness with Light, Bright Shades of Green,
Bold Viridian Blushing Fair,
Newly Born Spring throwing back her Hair;
Smiling in the Scintillating Light as the Robin Redbreast enters,
Perching on the Fragrant Arms of Yawning forsythia to Preen.

Golden Streaming Sunlight Caresses the Blossoms of Rosy Hue,
Perfume of Youth and Beauty Lilting Upon the Jocund Breeze,
Brash Auburn Disappearing,
Amidst Spring’s Renewal, Cheering;
Balmy Breeze Dances on Twilight’s Coyness, to Infuse,
Tranquility Surrendering to Captivate and Please.

Spring is Blushing in the early Shades of Dawn,
Robed in Supplication of Winter’s Mighty Braun,
Hearts Unfolding,
Paradise Beholding,
Breath of Lilac Poised upon Delicate Denouement.



Beautiful Photo found at: sphotos-e.ak.fbcdn.net