Passion’s Creed – #Passionate #Love #Poetry


How Enchanting these Avowals could be
If I had Skill in articulating them of Thee.

How Stirring and Elegant that single Phrase
Would Comprise My Love, and Thy Endless Praise.

Yet I have not skill enough to Name
A single measure of the same;

For this Depth of Love, though I cannot Suppress,
Is more than I know or can ever Express.


Breath trapped in rampant greed

Desire locked in Wanton need

Breathless Heaven in Your Guise

Desirous Yearning without lies

Breathing Temptation in Expression

Desiring all Your Love’s aggression!


Whispers of transient time

Infinite Leisure

Delicate Rhyme

Wordless Symphony of Trust



Waiting, nonplussed


Words of Fire

that Corruptions Require



Never to tire

Molten Stare of Longing

and Need

Deliberate Intent of Our Passion’s Creed






Original Photographs found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographers and models…Thank You~



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