Wordless Wednesday – Whispers In Verse

It is Wordless Wednesday, I know; However, I am seeking Input/feedback/Comments on the following Images, which I have selected as Possibilities for my Upcoming Poetry Collection “Whispers In Verse”. The book will contain many of my poems on Silence, Calm, Peace, Tranquility, The Hush (I love so much) and, of course, Whispers. So Please feel free to comment back with a number, indicating which one YOU like most …And, Thank You, in advance, for your kind participation/ humouring me πŸ˜‰

Whispers1 Whispers2 whispers3 Whispers4







All Images are Stock Photos/ Free Images found on Pixabay.com Still, Credit acknowledged to the Original Photographers for their Beautiful Work: Β Thank You !


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Whispers In Verse

  1. I love #4. It’s more intimate (closer to the reader, inviting me in) and already suggests whispers–the way damp, foggy woods or early foggy mornings convey them through silence. It also has a mysterious air–that suggests more than it reveals, especially to the traveler who isn’t quite sure where this path is leading.

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  2. Love #4, early mornings are always the most beautiful. Love the silence, I feel peaceful and tranquil when I walk in the glory of it all. The dew drops hanging on flowers, bushes are like sparkling diamonds, the smell is so fresh and unspoiled by fumes. Love the path on the image, even though you don’t know where it leads it is irresistibly beautiful.

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    1. This one is one of my favs as well. It was the last one I found, but the first one that really made me say OH!! πŸ™‚ Im definitely not a morning person, but agree with your description of the beauty and glory of an early morning meander as the Earth awakens.

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