Lately my thoughts have been turning the idea of Immortality over and over and over. Blame it on watching “Thor” too many times or “Ancient Aliens”, either of which you may consider paltry; nevertheless, they do inspire contemplation, not to mention the odd daydream. I’ve always believed that aliens exist. In my (admittedly humble) opinion, there is simply too much evidence to deny the fact; however, whether you believe in life beyond the Big Blue or not, the idea of Immortality has been with us since our earliest recollections.

The Gods of Mount Olympus, the Great Pyramids that transported kings to eternity, and, not to be left out, the Norse Gods Oden, Thor, Loki: Masters of Time and Space. Legends of Immortal elven kind, Dragons that live for thousands of years, Reincarnation, Heaven and Hell, and the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Beauty; these notions of everlasting life permeate our thinking. But Why?

Some people are born entertainers, they have acting, writing, creating in their hearts and souls while others are effortless in athletics, mathematics, (which entirely confuddles others, namely me) some are born to sing and some are master chefs, but what makes anything innate? What inspires any deep, passionate love? Why is it that I long for England/Wales since I have been old enough to recognize its deep, spiritual calling while others yearn for Italy, Australia, Japan? Why are some led to serve in altruistic causes while others are born to lead? What draws some to explore the unknowns of mythology and mysticism, delving into the past so we might understand our present and future while yet others pursue facts above all else?

Regardless of your theological or philosophical bent of mind, we might agree that, ultimately, we are beings of energy. The physical existence is fleeting, yet who and what we are remains; still, where does this energy go? Sprung from The Source of all Life, that Immortal Energy that Creates and Sustains, do we shuffle off this mortal coil and then return to that Eternal Realm of Life? Whether this realm is Heaven, Nirvana, Elysium, Valhalla or Stovokor, we all seem to believe we return there after this life is completed. Do we remain there, abiding in endless joy and light or do we merely rest and renew there in order to return to this plane of existence once again? If so, Why?

Once Created, do we live our lives in search of Purpose or is the search for Purpose an echo, a memory, of what we came here to do in the first place? Do we, perhaps, select a Purpose prior to journeying here or are we given a challenge to overcome in order to discover that Purpose? Are we destined to become care-givers, ministers, healers, parents, friends, and lovers in order to fulfill this Purpose? Are we born entertainers, builders, and creators because of an innate sense, a memory if you will, of this Purpose? Is it the natural state of our Being to Care for, to Understand, to Inspire, to Nurture and to Help?

Now admittedly, there are those who are misled off course, those who end up mired in the darkness of lies and cunning deceit, because, after all, where there is positive there must be negative; where there is light there is also darkness and where there is Good there must be Evil for everything in Life, Space and Time has Balance. But we won’t be wandering down that path today, so..

If we are not misled, perhaps we attain some level of Understanding during this life, yet this existence is fleeting and we once again return to The Source. We Rest, we Renew and then we start again. Like an Artist Creating a Masterpiece, are we given life after life, chance after chance, to Attain Understanding, to Achieve our Purpose? Is this why it seems that some of us “get it” and others haven’t a clue? Are those, like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., whose lives Serve others and Inspire Many, simply those souls who have been through this cycle more often?

If so, then I cannot compare myself to them, I can only compare myself to the Example of Love I’ve been given and choose to follow. I cannot say “If only I had more money, then I could…” because all the money in the world doesn’t change hearts and minds. Money really doesn’t change anything. Inspiration Does. Love Does. Action Does. And if we Inspire to Love, then Love Leads us to Act and Change is bound to result, regardless of how earthshattering that change or seemingly trivial it may be. Because it is the endless drop of water that shapes mountains, carves valleys and Creates the most Amazingly beautiful landscapes.

So the next time you are low; the next time Darkness is whispering that what YOU are doing means nothing, has no Purpose and won’t change anything, take those whispers as Proof Positive that You Do. Remember that Your Purpose is only to do that which you feel entirely Inspired to do, wholly natural with, and completely comfortable conjuring.

Because Immortality is Unlocked by the Change You Inspire with Your Love.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lozzer22 at Deviantart

8 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Good thoughts. Being in our meat suit is a fascinating journey. We are give little tiny window to look out of until we suspect there might be a larger view. I believe that a life well spent is one that seeks The Big Window.


  2. Hi Morgan, I’m loving this post for it’s style, energy and the many interesting thoughts and questions posed within. I know that you will already be aware of the fact that what you write is always grammatically excellent, but it’s nice to be told these things sometimes by others as a form of affirmation.

    I would love to address some of the points you’ve made in this post, but I know myself well enough to know that my comment would subsequently prove to be just as long as; if not longer than the post itself. So I shall refrain from writing another one of my notoriously long and rambling comments. However I shall ask this one question. Why England, Wales but no Scotland? I can only suspect that you have been influenced by Mr. Shakespeare and the promise of a nice cup of tea. I understand this as I am myself English but if you could see the Scottish Highlands you might add Scotland to your list also.

    Oh, one more thing before I go. I was highly amused by the fact that my eyes misread the title and the first sentence by accidentally omitting the first ‘t’ in immortality. I realised my mistake by the end of the first paragraph when I was aware that the essence of what you were writing was not fitting in with ‘Immorality’.

    Oh look at that, see how long this comment is, just imagine if I had started discussing things in more detail.

    Excellent writing Morgan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    Hope all is well with thee fair lady, take care.
    Au revoir.

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    1. Be assured, Mark of the Highlands and Fair Rhododendron Gardens, that Scotland is indeed also on my list, as is the Fair Green Isle just slightly to the East. In fact, if I had the financial ability to do so, I would and quite probably could spend the rest of my life exploring every inch of those Beautiful countries and counties. Why England/Great Britain at all? I cannot say, other than that my Father’s family is Welsh (the Morgan didn’t give that away did it?) and perhaps it is that part of my Spirit which calls me Home.

      Im glad you enjoyed my long winded ramble through the philosophical wilds, and will assure you that I never, ever mind your comments, regardless of their length 😉 (though if you were going to start stressing grammar, I might throw you over)

      All is mostly well, and quite certainly, not Immoral here, and I hope all is equally pleasant and pleasing where you abide. Many Happy Blessings this Holiday season (even though you of the British countryland miss out on Thanksgiving) 🙂


  3. Ancient Aliens has a lot to answer for, lol. I have never really had the calling of a country but then i suppose living in England and being so close to Europe not to mention access to airports it seems that any feelings may be less intense these days, or maybe I lack imagination.

    I think as bloggers we end up with a purpose of not only entertaining, amusing and informing but also to make friends and help people through tough times. it’s to be a community and I like to think we all help in our own way and make the world a little bit better. it’s not a patch on Mother Teresa or Ghandi but I like to think I’m doing my little bit.


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