Opposing Rhyme

Opposing Rhyme

Shapes Twisting in the Mercurial Night,

Silence echoing Ebon Sight,

Sailing Shadows,

Drifting Whisper,

Dim Enchantment of Verdant Light,

Paradox of Thunderous Chime,

Dichotic, Luminous, opposing Rhyme.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Igor Zenin

13 thoughts on “Opposing Rhyme

  1. I love the photo, it is indeed something that is better looked at than experienced I shouldn’t wonder. Did you pick the photo and base your words around it or vice versa because they fit well together, it’s all tumultuous and dramatic…did you see yesterday’s spanking, of Brazil by Germany that is.


    1. I should think you are right…wouldnt want to be in the midst of that storm, really., but makes a lovely sight! In this case, I wrote the words and then found the image. It happens the other way round more often,, when I see something that plucks the strings of my imagination and the words play.

      I did not see the actual spanking first hand ( we were having a horrendous thunderstorm sort of night and the tele stays off when that happens), but I saw the action on the internet this morning. (the game that is!) Actually, Im rather rooting for Germany. Seems to me Brazil always wins (good propaganda on their part apparently)


  2. I don’t know if I would have my sea legs even in calm water, i must try one day. I think it is good that you are inspired by pictures and are able to find ones that fit your words. This pleases me.

    Nice pun! Germany were my tip for the final as well from the off, I did study the form of the last six years…because I am that sad.


      1. I do try, but usually I am up until very late of night writing, and then am up with the cat several times a night (he”s not the least bit spoiled, mind you), so I rarely have opportunity to REALLY sleep deeply. This may, however, explain some of my poetry lol 😉


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