Passage – Transfixed – #FlashFiction

Passage time stands still


Cascading sparks of crimson cooled to lush indigo-violet hues as his gaze focused again upon her and as he stared, she began to whisper once more.  Softly trepidatious, her voice called to him across the distance that remained between them; yet the sound was brazenly close and his heart hammered in response.

The laughing star-beings returned to their remote locale, watching attentively as he closed the gap between him and the lissome figure outlined against the horizon.  Her whispers became softer as he drew closer; then paused as he stepped from the distance into closeness.

She stared at him; transfixed.



Part One – This Flash Fiction piece is a sequel to Passage, which I wrote in response to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto weekly photoprompt.

Part Two – Time Stood Still

Part Three – The Void

Part Four – Her Voice

Part Five – Beguiling  

Part Six – Laughter

Part Seven – His Aura


Beautiful Original Photograph by:  Matt Payne



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