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Passage time stands still


His senses spun; his heart hammered; he was irresistibly drawn to her. She no longer whispered, but he could hear her still; the beguiling sound of that which made her exquisitely her resounded within him.

Unconcerned about the watching star-beings, who no longer laughed, but shimmered their light as if smiling, he stepped forward and gazed down into her upturned face. Drinking in the soft blush of her cheek, the delicate smile turning her lips, and the lush glimmer in her eyes, he reached to touch her and, with that contact, his heart blazed with passionate yearning.

He Remembered Her.


The End.



Part One – This Flash Fiction piece is a sequel to Passage, which I wrote in response to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto weekly photoprompt.

Part Two – Time Stood Still

Part Three – The Void

Part Four – Her Voice

Part Five – Beguiling

Part Six – Laughter

Part Seven – His Aura

Part Eight – Transfixed

Part Nine – Bathed In Light


Beautiful Original Photograph by: Matt Payne