Passage – Laughter – #FlashFiction



Looking round, he realized the stars had drawn closer, much closer.   No longer shimmering in the distance, they hovered round him, pressing inward as the cacophony of laughter intensified.  His ears rang with the tumult; his senses spun, but worse than the dizzying discordance was the scourge of anger that flared within him.

He didn’t like being laughed at, particularly by unseen phantoms lingering in the ethereal void into which he had plunged.  Growling with ire, he pushed himself up from the parched ground and glared upward at the stars, which glared back, diverted by his blunder.

Breaths became blades…






Part One – This Flash Fiction piece is a sequel to Passage, which I wrote in response to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto weekly photoprompt.

Part Two – Time Stood Still

Part Three – The Void

Part Four – Her Voice

Part Five – Beguiling 


Stock Image found at HD Backgrounds





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