#FridayFantasy – Passage, Time Stood Still – #FlashFiction

Passage time stands still


Time stood still, a product of perception; perhaps a fragment of the imagination only, which was neither tangible nor incorporeal.  He stood looking into the figment, wonder expanding through his thoughts like a mirror replicating that which he saw, stretching, reaching into the unknown. 

Where had he come?  What place filled his gaze?  A dark encapsulation of mystery sparkled in his eyes; innumerable points of light filling what once stood empty, alone; and that bejeweled cacophony of silence reflected in his liquescent gaze as a whisper just above the point of perception hinted he was not alone.

A feminine voice.




. This Flash Fiction piece is a sequel to Passage, which I wrote in response to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto weekly photoprompt.


Beautiful Original Photograph by:  Matt Payne


    1. Thanks Sue! Im hooked 🙂 Sorry, I had to continue the tale. IF you’d prefer that I not link back to your original post on any further sequels (as Im sure there will be more) do please just say 😉


    1. Thanks Trini 🙂 Im really enjoying this Flash Fiction notion…although this is a sequel because I can’t write just 100 words and leave it at that LOL. probably it will morph into a short story before Im done with it 😉


    1. Thanks Holly 🙂 this is part two, because I can’t just write 100 words and walk away LOL. It goes against my nature. I wrote the first bit yesterday and then needed to know what happened to him LOL 🙂

      hope you are doing well down there in FL!

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      1. All is well, the storm is passing North of us but not without lots of rain and yucky weather, but I am grateful it is not a big storm for anyone. Have a beautiful Friday!

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