Pleasing Sound

Pleasing Soung

Oh Pleasing Sound,
Most Desirous to my Heart,
Healing the Soul, Trapped Deep Inside,
Locked within these bitter Tears,
Spanning Vast, Inconsequential Years,
Hearken to this Weeping in the deepest Night,
Aching for Your Sacred Light!

Marvel of Sweetest Marvel,
Glory to my Seeking Soul,
Breathing Deep Into this Yearning,
Make this Ocean of Misunderstanding Shoal.

Sweetest Sound these ears have Heard,
Singing in the Silence,
Sing to me,
While I Kneel in Quietest Repose,
Gathering each Blessed Melody like Treasure
Into my Greedy Embrace,
And Let Your Purest Singing Chase,
All that Frightens me,
All that Beckons me,
Far from Your Sweet Eternity.

Carry me Home upon You Song,
Transforming All that once was wrong,
Unto Your Vivid Splendor, Bringing,
While I Kneel and Hear You Singing!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Igor Zenin


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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