Changing Colours

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Like any Conversation,
Prayer is not just about Asking;
It’s about Listening.

My daily commute to work is roughly 30 minutes, which gives me plenty of time to wake up and smell the coffee…or in my case, the chai. I have always had a bit of a commute getting to work, so over the years I’ve spent the time in a variety of ways: listening to music,(Depeche Mode, Delerium, Loreena McKennitt)(Yes, I’m eclectic) listening to audio books, or, more recently, praying. Although this isn’t a perfect time to pray, it is an opportune time to pray. (and as they say, something is certainly better than nothing).

Rather like ringing a friend, taking a few moments each day to Connect can and will make a world of difference, no matter when the call (or in this case, the prayer) takes place. I won’t go into broad detail about the benefits of prayer, but I will say that centering my thoughts in the morning before the madness of the day sets in is invariably beneficial, at least for me. But whenever prayer, or should you prefer meditation, happens, sharing a little time with the One who loves me more than any other and who is always there for me is nothing less than, well….brilliant. Not convinced? Think of it this way: How would you feel if you loved someone and they said they loved you back, but they rarely spent time with you and only spoke to you infrequently? That’s definitely Not brilliant.

Regardless, to proceed on to my actual point; prayer/conversation with the One is an amazing thing in that, if you are paying attention and not simply blathering (which, as we all know, I am quite good at), Enlightenment Happens. Those are the moments when the light goes on, when all Hailing Frequencies are open, and I/we (finally) say “OH! I get it!” (and the Universe breathes a collective sigh!) Such an occurrence happened this morning and it made me smile (not to mention that it made me think, “I need to share this!”)

As we have previously established, I LOVE Autumn. If there’s any doubt in your mind as to how much, feel free to read (or re-read) my post entitled Exploiting the Under Utilized (found here: which should clear things up a bit. Loving Autumn so, I was saying Thank You for the beauty of the changing seasons, the gentle transformation from taxing summer to seductive autumn (although I didn’t actually use that word!) and the shifting colours not quite in full splendor yet, but beginning to brighten the world.

That was the moment Sherlock’s eyes widen with the miraculous, if elementary, deduction.

For the Reveal, I will begin by saying that, for months now I’ve been praying for transformation, My transformation, of Mind, of Spirit, of Body, of Life. I won’t bore you with the specifics, however; as is typical with prayer/conversation, once you ask, you’d better be ready. And in keeping with this norm, things have been taking shape, things have been changing, my perspective has been coming clearer, doors have been opening, and the future has begun coming into focus. The colours are not quite in full splendor, yet, but they are beginning to brighten the world, My world (and maybe yours). The seasons are changing, gently transforming from taxing to, well, maybe not seductive, but certainly enticing!

And as simply and as beautifully as that, the Universe…The One….speaks to each of us, but it’s a conversation, not a lecture, and that means we need to be listening, need to be participating. So in this glorious season of change, when the colours are transforming, maybe we should pause, breathe deep, and open our thoughts to the conversation around us. We might be surprised by what we hear.





Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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