Playing in the Rain- a #Sci-Fi, #Post-Apocalyptic, #Suspense #Page-Turner


Sandra J. Jackson is an award-winning Canadian author living in rural Ontario with her family. Her published novels include Promised Soul and Playing in the Rain – Book 1 of the Escape Series. The second book of the series is awaiting publication while Sandra works on editing the final book. She holds a professional membership with the Canadian Author Association and is a member of Writer’s Ink.

Playing in the Rain

When the effects of a hypnosis inducing drug fade, April slowly begins a conscious awakening. Memories of her past are unclear and she has no recollection of her identity or her whereabouts.

As the days slip by, April realizes there is more to life than existing when she is introduced to an occupant who does just that—her sister. The more she learns about her environment the more she wants to escape.

Will April remember her past, her sister? Will she have the courage to leave?  And if she does, where will she go?

Experience through April’s eyes her struggle to remember and her determination to escape in this sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, suspense story.


Hi Sandra!  Its  great having you stop by for a quick chat.  Tell us about you.  What do you love most about Writing?

What I love most is that no matter what ideas I might have my characters are the ones who direct the story. They surprise me every time.

I love when they do that!  I like to tell their story, using 2nd person.  Do you have a preferred POV that you write from and why?

Both of my books are written in first person (though Promised Soul does have a couple of chapters written in third). I like the way first person draws readers into a story and makes them feel like they are a part of it.

First person is something I haven’t tried yet.  Maybe one day.  Makes me wonder, does it drive how your write….and Do your characters dictate what or how your write in any way?

Absolutely! I have a quote that I use on my business cards and a few other things. “Only my characters truly know what’s happening—I just hold the pen.”

I wrote that quote because this is how it is for me.

Oh thats so true…I never know where they will lead me. Im often just holding on for the ride!  Playing in the Rain sounds like a marvelous, page-turner!  Where can we find it?

Find it on Amazon

Discover More of Sandra’s Writing


Thank you so much for visiting BnV, Sandra.  I am so happy to share your story…and your story!

Blessings and Success 🙂




  1. A good interview. I’ve only used first person in short stories, but we all seem to agree: the character tells the story. Love the quote about holding the pen. Tweeted.

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