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I need some BnV!

Excuse me??

Yes, you heard me, I need some BnV. I don’t honestly think I can live without it. (Book and Volume that is.) (Yes, that’s what BnV stand for)

I must confess since I began writing this blog, (which, if I continue confessing I wasn’t entirely sure about starting off with,) I have found myself wanting to write more and more and more and more, found I have far greater inspiration than I’ve had in years, and found an unparalleled sense of accomplishment in “seeing” (so to speak) that others find my particular form of creativity (or madness, whichever you feel is more relevant) enjoyable, interesting, amusing or, at the very least, frighteningly intriguing. (Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience with your blog?) Well, let’s face it, BnV does have a certain indescribable quality about it that makes you scoff, shake your head, and yet, come back for more. (yeah, it has that affect on me too!)

But to come back to my original point, although I’ve been writing this blog since 2013 (I know, kinda insane, huh?) I have rediscovered in the past 30 days (or so- I wasn’t counting, exactly) such pleasure in writing again that it’s hard to put into words….which is a bit of a conundrum given that writing is, after all, the crux of the issue here.(here being WordPress..or whatever blogging platform you choose to use) I’ve often wondered how writers can lock themselves away from the rest of the world, eat little, talk less, and simply immerse themselves in their craft, letting the world go on without them, little caring, little worrying (maybe), but I no longer wonder about that. Now it is me (or, to be grammatically correct, should that be I?) who finds herself wishing she could do the aforementioned: forget the world, the job, the tedious responsibilities of life (though not the cat!), lock herself away from all resort (rather like Ophelia) (sorry, Yes I still insert Shakespeare into almost any conversation, but don’t let me deviate into Shakespeare… just yet!) and write until I come up gasping for breath.

Without BnV, where would I be? I admit that sounds a bit dodgy, perhaps risqué. My apologies for the double entendre (I think)(it’s just so catchy, really), but in all honesty, I sometimes feel that compelled, THAT enticed….to write, that is, and to hope that whatever it is I am saying will either make someone out there in the byzantine blue smile, chuckle, or have one of those OH! moments. (or, at the very least, that said hypothetical person doesn’t run off screaming like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.)

Admittedly, I knew this before, but just as many things in life, losing sight of what we love is so easy to do.  So easy, in fact, that, now I’ve rediscovered this passion, its rather an epiphanic realization (that my writing means more to me than most anything else), but there it is in its undeniable, inexorable splendor. Sure, I’ve heard it said since I was a child that finding your passion and pursuing it is the only way to truly be happy working through the salt mines of life, but I’ve also heard it said, over and over, again and again, as I am sure many of you may have, that I should get my head out of the clouds and concentrate on the serious matter of getting ahead in the world. Making it big, securing the future, having a reliable, steady 9-5’er that will pay the bills, put food on the table, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So who can blame me that it took this long to have the aforesaid epiphanic insight? (yes, I just like “saying” that word!) Well, the only person who can blame me is me really, since I’ve known since I was 10 years old that writing was what I loved to do best.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering about now what my point is? Well, as I said in my very first post,(go ahead and re-read it, I’ll wait for you) I’m far more likely to natter on endlessly about nothing in particular than anything specifically, so in reality I don’t truly need a point right now; however, you are in luck because I do, actually, have one. No drum roll please. No tympanic reverie necessary. No triumphal horns pealing in proclamation; no, my simple and unadulterated point is just this: (ok, I agree, I adulterated it quite a bit in the last few paragraphs, but let’s not be mean spirited…) that I think Curly from the movie City Slickers put it best:

One thing

Curly (Jack Palance): Do you know what the secret of life is? [holds up one finger]
Curly: This.
Mitch(Billy Crystal): Your finger?
Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean sh***.(Well, this is a PG-13 blog after all)
Mitch: But, what is the “one thing?”
Curly: [smiles] That’s what you have to find out.


Rediscovery of what you’ve forgotten you remember is a journey with a happy ending as soon as you begin.



  1. Oh man, this is so great! (It’s exactly like talking to you) and it gets me at a perfect time. You see, I’ve had this project that I’m writing with a great friend and, like everything else, I have just not been able to sit down and do anything. I can’t figure out why – I, too, love to write and create, it’s what I am here for and that brings me indescribable joy. I’m glad you rediscovered this, and I’m next. So much love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. I’ve been told that by others and it makes me happy!
      Life sure has a way of imposing itself, often taking away what we truly love. I know. No worries… I’m sure your friend completely understands 😉😉😉


  2. Well…for what it’s worth…. I am Not Surprised! I never could quite see you in the traditional working woman mode, and am delighted to read this confessional announcement. 🤗👏💜💕

    Liked by 1 person

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