The Clans of Arcadia by Arwen Chandler


With one dark spell, life in Arcadia changes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, Karn had it all. Today he has nothing.

No longer able to watch from the sidelines, the goddess Lorna reclaims her champion, Karn Elohite, as her chosen warrior. The second son of a battle-hardened chieftain, Karn Elohite, was content to lead a life away from his clan until he met her. She changed his entire world, and now his world is crashing at his feet.

The Viper of the Maekel clan has unleashed his mage Magnus upon all of Arcadia leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Now, Karn must find the strength to stop them, and choose between honoring the woman he loved or finding solace in the arms of the enemy – a woman, who finds herself struggling at her own crossroads.

The goddess has called for the reign of dragon riders to begin again, but will Karn accept his fate, or stay trapped in the past?

Remnant is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a story hatched from the world of dragons like Remnant. Do you dare come inside?



Darkness has fallen on Arcadia. Yet, Karn Elohite stands strong.

He leads his beloved Lilia, clansman Ian, and dragon Aslaug on a quest through Langerhorn to unleash the power of the dragon riders.

Langerhorn, the ancestral home of the gods, is home of ancient dragons, faeries, and elves.

Will the trio survive their quest, and save Arcadia? Or will Magnus and Fridtjof destroy everything while they are away?

Quest is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a saga hatched from the world of dragons like The Clans of Arcadia. Do you dare to walk within?

Fans of A Game of ThronesLord of the Rings, and Dragonflight will love Quest!

Quest is the second book in The Clans of Arcadia series.


Excerpt Description of Realm (Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia) –Farthest westward area of the Elohite ancestral home.

The first rays of light crept over the mountains chasing back the darkness and bathing the cabin in warmth. In the pre-dawn half-light, birds gathered in the branches of the hemlock growing closest to the front window. Their chatter noised through the house and hinted that an early spring might arrive in the mountain region between Erisai and Bardai.

Inside the cabin, the shell of the previous night’s firewood glowed red, and the warm scent of pine still lingered in the air. Its remnants threatened to crumble into ash at any moment.

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Excerpt from book two:

Lilia slowed her breathing, trying to slow her heartbeat, then glanced through the clearing. “It’s amazing.”

Karn nodded. “Yes, it is.”

Towering trees covered in deep emerald green moss stood as sentries around the lagoon. Boulders of every size poked out of the water, covered in soft green and yellow hues of lichen, and the rushing rumble of a small waterfall filled the air. The lagoon itself was a deep blue sapphire, and soft wisps of fog rolled across its glassy surface.

Majestic flowering trees surrounded the water. Royal poincianas, hibiscus, plumeria, and hydrangea, created a stunning bouquet near the edge of the forest. The heavy floral scent of the blooming flowers was pleasant but slightly overpowering. However, their presence only increased the majesty of the hidden lagoon.

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About Arwen Chandler: Arwen Chandler is a fantasy, urban paranormal, and space opera author. She loves creating worlds, and painting pictures with words. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys painting, knitting, and boogie boarding at the beach. Arwen lives in South Texas with her family and cat Solomon T’Challa.

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Twitter: @arwenchandler




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