Emily and the Gnomes by S. D. Michaels

Biologist Emily Dickens is a conservationist who works tirelessly against the destruction of the planet Valencia and the near extinction of its wildlife. The battle seems hopeless until a young goddess from the sister world of Terra hears her pleas and sends out a small army of the most unlikely rescuers. There’s only one problem – Emily has grown up in a world that was abandoned thousands of years ago by its ruling goddesses. It will take a little enchantment and a lot of faith for Emily to start healing her planet again and sending its creatures to the only safe haven she can find.

A Brief Excerpt from the book:

Jabaz: father of all the gods, creator of all the heavens and the cosmos, journeyed through the glimmering lights of his universe.

He’d done this so many times before, making each of his worlds a little different from the others.  But this one, this one was for Ava, the youngest of his daughters, the most ambitious, and for the time being, his favorite.

“She wants plants,” he said, waving a hand and covering the planet with various types of foliage, trees, bushes, ground cover, and even plants to live in the water. “And seas teeming with living creatures, and birds to fill the sky. And let there be beasts to live and roam the lands,” he said, glancing beside him at his daughter. “And let there be no humans to bring them harm, but little Gnomes to guard and care for my creation.”

Ava smiled and kissed her father’s cheek. “Perfect,” she said, with excitement. “It’s just like Emily’s world of Valencia.  Well, kind of.”

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 Author Bio:

S.D. Michaels was born in Denver, Colorado, and in 1977 Michaels moved to Western Washington to study Marine Biology Technology and instantly fell in love with the beautiful and tranquil waters of Puget Sound. Labeling himself an environmental enthusiast Michaels has dedicated his World of Valencia series to helping children learn about the world around them using a make-believe world to talk about real-world environmental problems, such as pollution and animal extinction. He is also the author of a six novelette series titled People of Miranda Records.

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