Arboretum Book One of Emissary of the Oppressed Trilogy by Ian Miller


Timothy Martin is a respected lecturer in Astronomy who has spent most of his life trying to put behind him the trauma of a childhood dominated by ‘visions’. But the visions have returned, more real than ever. Not only does see other places, but he is now able to step into them. When he becomes fixated on the star Delta Crucis in the Southern Cross constellation, he sees a vision of a world orbiting it and impulsively takes a step ̶ two hundred and forty-five light years into space. He did not expect to survive. Nor did he expect to land in the midst of an alien city. And he certainly did not expect to threaten the well-being of another world, one that he finds disturbingly ̶ at peace. At stake is not only his own destiny, but that of an entire world.

A Brief excerpt from the book

Timothy made his way with confident ease, despite the precarious drop. Behind him came Star Mist and behind her, Beauty Wonder. The rest were in front. Sun Keep, the Knower had taken the lead that afternoon, followed by his Sage friend, Morning Laughter. The two were inseparable. Perhaps they were brothers; they looked enough alike, Timothy thought. Destiny Unsought followed next, with Joy Spring and Night Light just in front of Timothy. The path was too dangerous to consider anything but walking single file.

‘Aes manal pan,’ shouted Night Light, as a section of the narrow path under him plummeted into the depths below.

Timothy instinctively reached out and grabbed onto the Discerner’s arm, striving to keep him upright in this dangerous section of the climb. In reaching out so carelessly, he lost his own balance and slid off the crumbling path behind Night Light.

Now it was the Discerner’s turn to save his would-be rescuer. Timothy dangled precariously over the ledge. Loose rocks and stones continued to dislodge under his weight. Scrambling frantically, not wanting to look down into the cavernous ravine, he managed to gain a firmer footing and edged his way back up to the path. Night Light’s firm grip on Timothy’s forearm brought him to his feet as the two men stood face to face, both breathing hard.

Review of Aboretum by Morton Benning, author of Playing God Arboretum is a highly engaging read which challenges us to consider the possibility that the science we currently know could look very different from the perspective of one who understands it more fully. As Arthur C. Clarke says, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” What we now perceive as magic may just be science beyond what we currently understand.

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The Author’s Bio

Ian Miller grew up north of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. He has a broad university background in such divergent fields as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Theology and Education. With a wide range of career experiences, having worked as an Industrial Chemist, Senior High School Physics & Chemistry teacher, and leader of a large, contemporary church, Ian brings a rare combination of worldviews together in his writings. He currently lives in Sydney with his wife, Christine.

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