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Darkness spiraled upon billows of smoke swirling in the raucous clamor of the reeking village and shadows lurched within the thick bleakness.  Through this writhing miasma, a barely perceptible shape moved along the main roadway travelling more rapidly than the ordinary onlooker might track, heading towards the only black tent in camp.

No sounds came from this tent, not any longer, although the cries of a childfey had recently been heard echoing through the neighboring hovels and unkempt buildings lining the street; sounds that had caused many of the resident Dark Ones to withdraw to the farthest end of town or drink more fervently from the nearest bottle.  This tent was known for its horrors.  It was the Centurion’s tent and he frequently took pleasure in causing pain.

. An Excerpt from Dark Fey Standing In Shadows.  The Black Tent of the Centurion of the Reviled Legionnaires strikes fear into even the hardest of the Reviled and with good reason.  Sadistically cruel and dedicated to serving the darkness, the Centurions are monsters that All seek to avoid.  This scene not only hints at their ruthlessness, but, more importantly, begins to indicate that even the Reviled cannot bear the heartless treatment of childfey.


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