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Deliberate Ruse,

He tries to Confuse

As the tumbling shadows rend subterfuge.

He Whispers in Darkness;

He Enchants in Moonlight;

Deliberate Ruse,

Intoxicatingly Right.

A Silver Shadow in the Ebon Mist,

No Sound; No Echo

Of His Deliberate Kiss.

I, Standing in Waiting;

He, Plummeting to Earth

As the Ruse of Deception

Rings in His Mirth.

Winged Denizen,

Gloriously Blinding;

His Ravenesque Desire

Deliberately Spellbinding

As the Shadows Shift

And the dimness turns Bright,

His Deliberate Temptation

Ever So Right!


Inspired by a truly Spellbinding poem entitled The Changeling by Trini Lind of Tales from the Fairies





Incredible Original Music by Within Temptation.

Beautiful Artwork via Legends of the Cryptids.