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Hours of love and passion, energy and commitment, concentration and effort fill the pages of our most enticing reads and very often we turn the pages without giving much thought into what it took to create that which we are enjoying.  We immerse ourselves in the alternate reality and lose track of time and place as the story sweeps us away from our own troubles or concerns; though frequently through drawing us into others, either imaginary or history.  Yet we who love words find little else so satisfying or gratifying as those beautiful pages of ink and typeset.  Whether we are the reader or the writer, the pleasure is undeniable and, hopefully, inescapable!

So when an author whose writing we admire and thoroughly enjoy takes time out of their busy schedule to read our own words, the honour is entirely REAL, though often indescribable. And (I know, I know, it’s grammatically incorrect to begin a sentence with AND) when that master of spellcasting (because in my opinion writing is indeed a form of magic, the result of which is spellcasting, though that is probably another post entirely) then reviews our work with language that is satisfying and gratifying the pleasure is similarly undeniable and inescapable.

Richard M. Ankers recently honoured me by not only purchasing a copy of the second book in my Dark Fey Trilogy, Standing In Shadows, but he announced that honour on his blog through this post The Fey Have Arrived.  

Now Richard has done something even more marvelous.  He’s written a 5-Star review of Standing In Shadows, which is something I know he does not do very often.  I am beyond honoured, delighted, excited…though I would have to search my thesaurus for quite a while in order to define exactly how I am feeling. Suffice it to say that the smile hasn’t left my face yet and its been hours since I’ve read his review.  Thus, I had to take a moment (or perhaps twenty) to share this honour with you.

” Cynthia Morgan demonstrates a complete mastery of the dark fairytale she has created drawing us the reader into this second book in the world of The Fey. The feeling of authenticity is quite literally spellbinding from the new take on the genre to even the pronunciation’s of the character’s names.

Gairynzvl, Standing in Shadows’ dark antihero, is a man on a mission, a loner by nature, who must seek out the help of others.

Centred around saving the childfey, Gairynzvl must enter The Uunglarda to save them, the home of The Reviled – they aren’t too nice at all. Ayla, the protector of the light and would-be love interest, and others, must join forces to aid him in both entering and escaping a realm few would dare tread.

Never less than compelling and with a decided darkness throughout, Standing in Shadows is a book any Fantasy aficionado would relish. Sufficiently sprinkled with delicious descriptions and a sprinkling of romance, the final line leaves us salivating with its ominous undertones.

More, we shout! We want more!”

You can look at the review here

I want to say Thank You Richard, for your amazing support and for advocating and sharing Dark Fey.  It means more than I can articulate, even with my wealth of words.

Thank You.