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Mysteries and Wonder- Sonnet III

Chance and the Hands of Time may try to break me,
Wind and Storm may rock this feeble Heart,
Cascading Tempests may batter my Sensibility,
And Billowing Waves, in trials, tear my Strength apart.
Upon the Shore, ‘neath the tumbling shelter I’ve built,
My Sight blurring Spectrums Colour and Impossibility,
My Hands Encumbered with shackles of Self Inflicted Guilt,
There, You Protect and Guard me ‘gainst Self Tyranny.
Guiding my steps, with Arms Outstretched, Surrounding,
Never hindering, But Near to Catch my Fall,
You Walk Beside me, Though I Live a Foundling,
Braving the dreadful Tumult and the Squall.
Love, In Your Most Splendid Glory to Show,
All the Mysteries and Wonder My Heart Can Know.

Beautiful Image found at: 123rf.com