Quiet My Thoughts


Quiet my Thoughts so they may Center on You.
You who Knows every beat of my Heart,
Every Breath I take,
Hush my Rushing Musings for Your Love’s Sake.
Speak in a Voice Soft and Clear,
Holy Whisperings that drive away fear,
Touch my Random Wanderings, Your Peace to Impart,
So I may Quiet my Thoughts and Center them on You.


Beautiful Image by: Bucuresti Optimist


    1. Brilliant!! 🙂 Thanks ever so. …. although I must confess I needed to google Gobsmacked to be sure I understood you correctly lol. so to use the appropriate vernacular (I think)
      Ta!! 🙂


      1. geographically, I am in Pennsylvania, USA (right near the town of Hershey where they make the chocolate). However, heart and soul I am across the pond, on that lovely Isle too. 🙂 ….soon!


    1. elusive only when one is not quiet. Present like thunder when one is still. It IS necessary, to teach us that only in calmness of spirit can we attain harmony.



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