The Dungeon – #Poetry & #Spiritulaity


I was locked in a Dungeon
Set deep in the Earth.
There was no pillow or bed,
No warming fire or cheering hearth.
Deep within the ground it lay,
Fed by darkness, supplied by Gloom;
It had no window for fresh air.
Oh to gaze upon the Moon!

Far within the realms of sadness,
Ensconced in deep despair and fear;
There was no seat for comfort,
There was no one to hold me near.
Alone, Forlorn, I struggled daily,
In my shackles, bonds, and chains;
Through the chasm of desolation,
Oโ€™re the bottomless well of Pain.

There was no lamp within my prison,
My eyes grew dim, I could not see.
How I longed for a way out!
How I yearned to be set Free!
Yet, from within my vault of torment,
The Sweet Lord heard my helpless Plea,
Out of the tomb of sin and death,
My Precious Saviour Lifted me.



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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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