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Oh My Dearest One,
You cannot comprehend how very much
You Mean to me.
I Love You so;
This world’s vastness is trivial,
Compared to my Great Love,
All for You.

Look, Sweetest Love, Upon the Shore,
The Glistening reaches of Silvery Sand,
The Boundless Ocean;
It is but a drop of water
Compared to the Endless Sea of My Love,
All for You.

Gaze Up, Precious Love,
See the Majestic Heavens
And the Realm of Eternity.
Beyond all this My Love still soars,
Set Free from any limits;
It is Immeasurable, My Great Love,
All for You.

Take my Hand,
Oh My Most Treasured Love,
And Allow me to Share
This Life with You.
Open Your heart and Accept me;
I love You More than any ever could,
With a Love that is Unreserved
And Perfectly Designed,
All for You.

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