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It is such a beautiful day today, hot, but breezy and balmy; simple perfect for wandering about with a camera. So I thought I’d share some views of the countryside where I live.

Verdant Countryside
Verdant countryside

Thistle Down
Thistle Down
Thistle Down Closeup

Cabbage Moth Heaven
Cabbage Moth Heaven
Cabbage Moths

Amish Horse n Buggy and Farmstead, A very Common Sight
Amish Buggy and Farmstead

Another Common Sight
Afternoon Mosey

Happy Holstein Posing Perfectly

A Lazy Field Stream, a Holstein’s (and Mallad’s) best friend in July.
Lazy Field Stream

Antique Homestead crowded by Life
Antique Homestead

Avenues of rich green Maze
Avenues of Maze

Lone Standing Elder amidst a Sea of Green
Lone Elder
Lone Tree

Open Farmland set neatly between clumps of Emerald Groves of Tree
Open Farmland