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My #NewRelease Whispers in Verse is #NowAvailable ❣😊

I know…it took me FOREVER, but it’s finally here.  If you’re interested in a signed copy, I am offering them for $20.  Just let me know in comments and we can make arrangements for shipping.  Thanks ever so much!

Whispers in Verse is a collection of Subtle, Gentle Poems that Encompass the Beauty of a Quiet Hush; the Serenity of Lush Calm; and the Tranquility of Stillness that Transcends place and time.

It is a Journey into the Heart to Discover what Stirs the Spirit and a Vision of the Memories we have unintentionally forgotten.

Immerse yourself in Lyrical, Exquisite Poetry and Remember the Magic of Breath, Pulse, Earth and Sky!


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