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Ebon Leviathan

Upon the Sleepy tide of Night,
With Indigo Shade upon my Sails;
A Thousand Diamonds cast their Light,
While the Ebon Leviathan sweetly Exhales.

The Celestial Galleon gently Sways,
Weaving Her way ‘cross Sappharine Seas;
Through the Sparkling ‘scape, Hyperion Plays,
While the Ebon Leviathan rhythmically Breathes.

My Gaze entreats the Crystal Expanse,
Seeking the Sojourner brightly Ablaze.
Intoxicating Venus, he Parades his Dance,
While the Ebon Leviathan, Smitten, Obeys.

The Rigging Whispers an Ancient Tale,
Echoes Lost in the Unfathomable Deep.
I Stand Entranced, Trembling and Pale
Watching the Ebon Leviathan Sleep.

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