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Laughter Yoga

Someone told me the other day, (believe it or not), that I should be a bit more quiet, tone it down, reel it in, (shocking, I know!), and I was left staring at “said person” in utter amazement, not to mention bewilderment.

It’s difficult for me to explain how inane a suggestion this truly is, unless you know me, then you completely understand, but suffice it to say that this is like suggesting to a vegetarian that they should try hamster BBQ because they really might quite like it! I’m not saying that I’m in any way one of those persons who suffers from excessive personality (syndrome), not at all. I’m sure you know the type, one of those who shows up 20 minutes late even though they appear to recently have ingested, at the very least, enough caffeine to fuel the next flight to the moon; and I certainly am not one of those that shows up and shows out, licks everyone’s elbow, pats every bum, and generally makes a showy noise of themselves..nope, not me at all. I beg to differ. Quite the opposite, really.

However I do confess to a particular cheekiness (or impishness) that some less than cheerful souls might consider irritating, exasperating, even confusing; particularly because I simply love to throw a smile and a giggle in for good measure when I can see it’s the last thing in the world the person I’m conversing with would normally do. (You know how deviously satisfying it is to be excessively pleasant to someone who is exceedingly disagreeable, I know you do!)

Yep, Architect of Antics, that’s me! Prompter of Playfulness. Instigator of Insanity (comparatively speaking) After all, if you can’t laugh, why live? Why breathe? Why look at this goodly frame, the earth …this most excellent canopy, the air,… this brave o’erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, …(if all you are willing to see is)… a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors. (Yes yes, Hamlet again… but I promise I won’t digress any farther, it just illustrated my point so well!)

Now, I will admit that I do have the ability to prattle on about nothing in particular with little or no contribution from anyone else, and (as I am sure you are already very well aware) I can write about anything or nothing the day long, but, in all honesty, it isn’t because I’m flighty, preposterous, or feather-brained (“Sometimes people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they”)(No that wasn’t Hamlet, THAT was The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, silly!) or because I simply like to hear the sound of my own voice…no, I have a brain, I assure you, honestly, trust me, (but the internal mechanics and knowledge of my mind are yet another post…)(Did I hear you shout amen?!)

I simply prefer to be happy.

I prefer to share the joy of living that overflows inside me; to give someone a smile for no apparent reason; to step even slightly out of my way to bestow a kindness, if only to see how they react with amazement or bewilderment and then smile back because happiness is, in actuality, infectious. Why not? Doesn’t it beat the alternative: waking up in the morning with a growl (ok, unless it’s before 5am, then growling isn’t necessarily the only thing I’m apt to do), arriving at work with a snarl (again…unless it’s before 5am!) and spending the foreseeable future, for all intents and purposes, mating with maliciousness?
So for someone to suggest that I should put a damper on that buoyant side of my nature is like trying to suggest to the wind that it really ought not blow in a certain direction, or for the tide to simply not rise or fall.

I’m Bubbly, ebullient, vivacious, perhaps even somewhat sagacious….ok and maybe, potentially, ever so slightly, annoying effervescent.


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