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You Absolutely have to Laugh.

It’s not a choice, really, when you’re with me. It just happens. I can’t help it. Honestly, and it’s nothing I’m taking or drinking. Scout’s honour (although I was never a girl scout, so I’m not quite sure how much weight that actually carries).

Take today for example. Friday’s I am fortunate enough to enjoy a short day at work (although the rest of the week I make up for that). I go into work an hour late and leave an hour and a half early. Top that with the already splendid fact that it’s Friday, and who could possibly wake up feeling especially churlish? (Well, I’m sure those fine folks are out there, but for me; it’s not on). So waking up late, I popped out of bed with a spring in my step and a smile already curving my lips (NOT necessarily a common happenstance in the mornings, as I am most assuredly a Night person). Morning Chai: Yum! Feed/cuddle and otherwise spoil the Kitty: Marvelous! Don’t have to rush to get off to work: Perfection! (I even had time to create a post before skipping out the door!)

Arrive at work one hour later than usual: Delightful! Turn on the radio and remember that it’s Flashback Friday on one of my favourite stations: Hoorah! (Since it can be said that, although I am eclectic and enjoy MOST music, and although I have kept up with the more recent artists, I am still enamored of 80’s and 90’s music.) What’s not to like, really? Although my coworker might disagree with the specific argument that too much synth-pop is not a good thing, I cannot help smiling when the DJ plays A Flock of Seagulls, A-Ha, and Pet Shop Boys; all before ten in the morning! A little caffeine to get the blood moving (not entirely necessary on a Friday, to be sure!) and Morgan is off. (In more than one connotation of that word, but, being generous, I know you won’t agree over quickly).

The hits keep coming, even Cotton Eye Joe. Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, C&C Music Factory, Run DMC & Aerosmith, Snap!, Expose, Michael Jackson and somewhere before the end of the day its even Raining Men! Hallelujah! To be fair, the DJ always makes incredible choices on a Friday; he’s definitely an 80’s fan; but today this fine fellow, who I suppose must remain nameless, not only hit it out of the park, but it then circled the stadium seven times! Staff and clientele alike were filled with Flashback Friday Fever! We were dancing; we were singing, we were laughing and almost crying. And no one once asked me to reign it in (this is a dig, of course, but should I prefer to retain my job, that, and this, is about all I can say, unless you should care to do further research by reading the original post found here: https://booknvolume.com/2013/06/17/annoyingly-effervescent/)

Point? Well, honestly, although I don’t really need one since it is Friday after all, you all know me well enough by now to realize that I don’t often write something without at least a small, teensy-tiny little message. I promise however, in honour of Friday (as well as my new idea to make Fridays on BooknVolume going forward: Friday Fun) the morale of the story is not in any way shape or form over-bearing, preachy-teachy, or portentous. (If I can even remember what it was at this point!)

Oh yes, simple this: You Absolutely have to Laugh. (particularly if you are planning to spend any time with me that is longer than 3 ½ minutes).

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