Amethyst Worldlet – #PoetryPrompt #Inspiration

Amethyst Worldlet2

Amethyst Worldlet –
(For my niece Laura who prompted me to write a poem about Pluto)

There is an Amethyst Worldlet,
in the Vast Reaches of Space.
Far Far from the Sun,
Yet always Seeking her Face.
Circling lazily, he wanders, Repeating,
Endlessly drifting, gliding, Retreating.

Alone in the Cosmos to Ceaselessly Roam,
Mysterious, Shadowy, Amethyst Home.
Unseen, Unrivaled, Unquested, Unplumbed,
Icy and Bitter, permanently Shunned.
Yet in the deep Shades of Indigo Imagination
Pluto awaits, Dreaming of Inhabitation.

Crystalline Domes that Bridge Frozen Seas,
Terra-formed Gardens, Cloning Bees.
Dew Drops that Glisten, Rain of Snow,
Flowers that Jingle Just for Show.
Living on Pluto, where Amethyst day is night,
Ethereal Dreamer, My Little Plutonite.

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  1. Yet in the deep Shades of Indigo Imagination
    Pluto awaits… i love the thought to kinda creep into a color…to her depths and heart – and wow… what would await us probably..


  2. “Forever shunned”- I’ve kinda felt sorry for Pluto being removed from the official roster of planets but no longer – what a delightful position and lovely amethyst world you paint here!


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