#MusicandMuse – Crèche of Creation- #PoetryandMusic

2560x1600 Sahara Nature/Desert,Africa,desert,Sahara,northern africa,Sahara Desert,the world's largest hot desert



Crèche of Creation,

Bold, Brazen landscape Capturing my Imagination,

Echoes of Twilight Sing in your hills,

Across the Seas of Sand Caressing your Gilded Expanse.

Drawn by Memory,

Seeking what I’ve long forgotten,

Singular Temptation of my Musing Thoughts that Spirals in the Depths of me.

Long have I Wandered the wastes Alone,

Storms and Winds Seducing me,


Now, at last, I am Ready,

Standing Upon the Brink.

Masquerade of Tomorrow, Singing in the Distance,

Ruse of Yesterday, Melancholic subterfuge.




With You,

Beats in my Heart like Ancestry Singing,

Timeless Rhythm Building Passion Within,

I Gaze into the Abyss and Know,

Only Here

Only Now


With You

Leads me to Truth.

Beautiful Image found at: Wallsave.com
Breathtaking Music Performed by: VAS


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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