A #ThankYou to You from Me: My #PoetryBook Entirely #FREE


My newest release, and long overdue, Poetry Book is now Available. YOU made this possible, through your Support, Friendship, and Encouragement since day one!  Because I appreciate YOU so much I’ve made Whispers FREE through Friday the 12th 🙂

Grab your copy Now  

Whispers in Verse is a collection of Subtle, Gentle Poems that Encompass the Beauty of a Quiet Hush; the Serenity of Lush Calm; and the Tranquility of Stillness that Transcends place and time. It is a Journey into the Heart to Discover what Stirs the Spirit and a Vision of the Memories we have unintentionally forgotten.
Immerse yourself in Lyrical, Exquisite Poetry and Remember the Magic of Breath, Pulse, Earth and Sky!
As always Whispers is also FREE on Kindle Unlimited 🙂
I hope you enjoy what YOU Helped to create through your Generous Kindness.  Thank You! 🙂

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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