#MusicandMuse – The Trance – #Poetry and #Music


Trance of Heartbeats

In Simplistic Splendour,

Rivaling all the Passion You engender,

As Night shades Whisper in the

Silken constancy,

All that Tempts within Your Dichotomy.


Here in the silent, ebon Hush

As Intrinsic as the Heartbeat

That Sweetly Pounds as we Rush;

The Trance Imbues

With Indigo hues,

Lavish Entrapment to Tempt and confuse.


Heartbeats skipping

In the Delicate Thunder,

As we stare, Enraptured,

By the Intoxicating Wonder

Of the Trance,

Deliberately Silent in our Breathless Gaze;

Seduction of Muteness

That Softly plays

As the Trance Shifts

Like Candlelight wavering,

While We Reach,

As We Touch,

The Trance, Ever Savouring!






Beautiful Music by Delerium

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