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Whether you are housebound or believe all of the concern over COVID-19 is a bunch of hooey, one thing seems undeniable:​ Our world-wide society is changing and will never be the same.​ ​
The measures being taken are staggering.​ Entire communities are closing down.​ Fear and recrimination are building walls.​ ​ People are hording and hiding like some sort of apocalypse is happening.​ ​
Perhaps it is.​ Is Pestilence riding?
I’ve heard it asked “How can God let these horrible things happen?”​ “If there really is a God, how can he be loving when all this suffering is going on?”​ ​
It’s in our human nature to want to lay blame.​ Someone or something has to be responsible for the things that happen.​ Everything can’t possibly be random.​ Can it?​ I don’t honestly know.​ No one honestly knows, not really, not with 100% absolute certainty.​ There is as much a chance that the universe is organized chaos as there is the possibility that it is under some form of intelligent control.​ ​
It doesn’t exactly matter.​ Whether the Universe lives and breaths arbitrarily or with Purpose, we can utilize what happens for either Good or Bad.​ Positively or negatively. We can turn trials and challenges into opportunities for change or we can allow them to make us pessimistic and angry.​ We can choose to extend kindness or we can turn our backs and grumble.​ ​
Why do plagues kill thousands?​ Why do dictators rise up and subjugate the weak?​ Why do children starve?​ Why are the innocent exploited and brutalized?​ Is it because God is unloving and cruel?
Or is it an opportunity for us?​ A chance to choose love instead of fear?​ A possibility for us to grow and learn to be kinder, more generous, less self-serving?​ ​
Is the Universe shaking us to try to waken us ….
…..from our apathy?​ ​
~Morgan ~