I Am #Thankful- #Meditations during #COVID-19


We take so much for granted.  So many things that can easily disappear.  During these challenging days, I’m trying to remember to be Thankful for the seemingly little things…

For Family and Friends who Support and Love;
For Beloved Pets I’m always thinking of;
For Running water, Fresh and Clean;
For A Soft Pillow and Bed where I may Dream;
For Tranquil Sleep filled with Peace, not Fear;
For Knowing LOVE is Always Near;
For Work to do, though I may complain;
For Life that is (relatively) free from Pain;
For Abiding LOVE, though I Wander To and Fro;
For Challenges so I May Grow;
For the Hungry So I may Give,
Sharing My Blessings so Others May Live;
For Weariness So I may Rest,
For LOVE’s Presence, Where we are Blessed.


Though these days may seem dark, remember that each one of us can be a Light and the Light of a single candle pushes back the darkness.


Beautiful Quote and Photograph found at : http://www.favim.com

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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