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The Shape and Majesty of Luminous Night,
Sings Splendid Vision to my Questing Sight,
Ever Calling to my Longing Gaze,
In Shifting Shadow and Spectral Haze,
While Diamonds Gleam from Distance Immense,
And my Fair Imagination is Drawn Hence,
To Tumble O’er Nebulae and Comet’s Tails,
To Float in Silence as it Sails,
Throughout the Heaven’s and Into my Mind,
Conspiring with Eloquence in Vivid Kind,
To Shake and Shimmer in dark Tapestry,
Where All Life Dances in Soliloquy,
Until Time Unravels, Until Eternity Unwinds,
Rising from Shadows, Paradise To Find.

Beautiful Image found at: WallpaperVortex.com