Cosmos – #Cinquain- #FormPoetry



Sweet Starlit Night

Whispers from the Heavens

Fill the Heart and Soul with Wonder


Beautiful Photograph found at:


      1. Yes, indeed, dear friend. My earliest memory is when I was a baby of 2 years and my parents walked with me (I was in a pram) alongside a forest where there was hardly any light – I saw night sky full of shining stars like diamonds, but could of course not speak, nor really understand it – this has impressed me so much that I have used it as a kind of emblem for my digital art. So you will find many digital images of mine with a background of stars and planets, a universe speaking in wordless words…

        I just came back from Finnish Lapland and there I could see Aurora Borealis, a dancing light at the night sky in green light.

        A happy new year to you, dear Didi 🙂


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