The Archangel by Pedro Adalfredo Pérez Raymond

Arcadia is a floating citadel that has existed on earth for centuries. The Citadel is the home of the ancient Arcanian race. These angelic warriors once vanquished the evil on earth and now they live in peace. However, Millenium, a soon-to-be prince senses that peace is counting its final days, and so he decides to take the path of the sword even if this costs him the crown. This choice will make him face those who seek revenge and the destruction of Arcadia.

  • Brief excerpt: The floating city of Arcadia is a wonderful combination of science and magic soaring above our world. The city is covered with a magic cloak that makes it invisible for those outside of it. The city is fairly big, it has libraries, hospitals, schools, an academy for its army as well as a hangar. The royal palace has a garden with a small lake. The center of the citadel holds the mystic Stone of The End, a floating crimson rock that emits the energy that powers all of Arcadia.

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Pedro Adalfredo Pérez Raymond was born in Aragua Venezuela in 1991. He was raised by his grandmother. Since he was a kid, he showed great interest in writing. In elementary school, he used to invent adventure to play with his cousins and when he was on 3rd year in high school, he started writing short stories and poems. Two weeks before he entered the university, his grandmother died. In order to occupy his head into something, he relied on literature and decided to write his first book.

He married on March 2014.

He worked as an English teacher from 2016 to the beginning of 2018.

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