The Void – #InspirationalPoetry

The Void


Prisoner in this mind,

With fears and doubts rampantly running,

Screams echoing in the tumbling darkness

As I grope and claw for Light,

For Breath,

For the Hope I once held in my Hands.

Captive to a thousand harbingers of uncertainty,

Shaking and Trembling in the Pitch that Darkly Surrounds,

Devouring my Soul.



Stubbornly refusing to Surrender to the harrowing blackness.

Faith Stands.

Faith Waits.

Faith Holds Her Fragile Breath and Stares into the Starless sky,

Seeing Only Light,

Luminous, Streaming, Sparkling Light,

In Gossamer Tangles and Silken Pools that Glimmer Radiantly,

Filling the Heart in the Barren Void.


Although it is not often easy, Faith, Belief, Determination are more often than not a Choice.  Something we must willingly and diligently decide upon each day. Whether we face the dimness of this world with a melancholic view and allow that darkness to consume us or we stand against the rising currents of anger, hatred, and violence to seek Light, Beauty and Truth is entirely up to us.  This verse puts this choice into lyrical reality and shows, even through the choices of the words and phrases I used, how the choice very often creates its own illumination and inspiration.

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  1. It’s often difficult for me to have Faith, Belief and Determination when I’m in constant pain . I do have Faith and belief in my pain medications 😊 and I also find your writing very inspirational. God Bless You Morgan 😊💛

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