#5Star #EditorialReview for #DarkFey Breaking Into The Light


I was Delighted and Honoured this weekend by an unexpected, but thoroughly appreciated 5-Star Editorial Review of the third installment of my Epic YA Fantasy Trilogy, Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light.  Reader’s Favorite reviewer Rabia Tanveer had this to say:

Breaking Into The Light by Cynthia Morgan is the final novel in the Dark Fey series. I became familiar with the series when a friend shared the first novel in the series, The Reviled, with me. I remember falling in love with Gairynzvl, a Dark One, and Ayla, from the Fey of Light. The two of them could not be more different, yet destiny and curiosity brought them together. This ending to their story could not have been more perfect, especially when you think about Gairynzvl’s progress and how much he evolved.

We are introduced to this amazing universe where Gairynzvl and his Liberators are now working together to save the young ones from a life in the darkness and trying to keep them in the light. Working solely to protect these young ones in the way they hoped they were protected, Gairynzvl and his Liberators are making ancient prophecies come true, opening new grounds in a world where it is believed that light and dark cannot survive together. Now, everyone is fighting for peace and true happiness, but how can they achieve it? Can they get it by following what Gairynzvl is showing the world? Or is it hidden somewhere in their old ways?

What can I say about this novel? Cynthia Morgan is a magician; she weaves pictures with her words and ensures that the reader is immersed in the story from the get go. I am in awe of Gairynzvl’s development and how he has grown as a leader and a protector. He is no longer hiding in the shadows and the darkness; he is now out in the open and proud, and finally not afraid of the light. He has embraced his life, his purpose and his power as a man who thinks with his heart and mind together. I simply love him and Cynthia Morgan’s writing! Simply brilliant.

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