Unspoken Wonder – #RomanticTuesday #LovePoetry

Unspoken Wonder


Heart and Soul,
Your Patterns and Colours Spill over me
With the Showering Light of Newest Morning,
Drenching my skin in Delicious Warmth,
Filling my senses with Exuberant Joy,
Tantalizing Every Measure of my Spirit
With the Endless, Exotic Wonder of You.
Oh My Most Precious Love,
Breathing in this Silence
Ever so quietly with me,
Breathless as the Morning Mist
That Sings her Ancient Lullaby to the slumbering Earth,
Your Spellbinding Gaze Yet closed in Tender Sleep,
Dreams Enchanting Your Wandering Thoughts
In this Hush where Perfection Lies Beside Me
And Beyond me into the Luster of Breaking Morn,
Entrance me in this Moment
To Ever Lie in Unspoken Wonder
Of your Absolute Perfection.



Beautiful Original Photograph found at: hawaiiansupaman at Flickr

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