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A chill wind nipped across his face, stinging his cheeks and tousling the platinum-blond curls of his hair as the storm, congesting in the sky above, began to kindle its impending fury.  Arching his wings against the bluster, Mardan muttered to himself with exasperation and shook his head. ‘Predictable of her to go missing’, he mused tetchily as he passed the next set of barns housing sheep and their herding companions; large, domesticated felines nearly equal in size to the sheep they guarded, called Maaygras.  These powerful cats were as intelligent as they were temperamental and Mardan was careful to keep a respectful distance.  Gazing through the doorway into the darkened interior for only a moment, Mardan hissed under his breath a second time and turned aside, but a glitter of light deep in the shadows of the barn’s hayloft where none should have been caused him to stop and gaze inward once again.

Listening keenly, he strained for a sound other than the snoring of sheep and the occasional purr of Maaygras while he stared upwards, his sight limited, yet discerning enough to detect a reflection of firelight where only darkness should have been.  As the light of the bonfire streamed into the barn through the hayloft window, it was inadvertently refracted by the veil she was able to draw round herself; it’s sparkling giving Ilys away even in complete darkness.  Stepping inside the warm barn, Mardan shook the chill from his wings and rubbed his hands together briskly, lowering his intense stare as if he had not taken notice of her and for several moments he stood quietly; gazing nonchalantly at the animals before returning to the doorway to peer out at the hushed encampment.  Then, without preamble, he spoke.

“Sheep are certainly safer than nearly one hundred malefey.”  Silence answered his words, but he expected nothing else.  After a prolonged moment, he spoke to her again.

“I know you are there, Ilys.  I saw you up in the hayloft.”  Pausing to allow her a moment to consider her options, he smiled dimly at her stubborn silence.

“Even you cannot hide the reflection of light from your bending of it.   Come down and speak with me.”  His invitation was ignored, although one of the Maaygras got up from its place in a nearby corner and, glaring at him through half-closed jeweled eyes, slunk off into a quieter part of the barn.


An Excerpt from Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light, book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy

The story of Dark Fey is set in a fantasy realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Light and Darkness. It is peopled by Feyfolk, winged beings the size of any human who are born with gifts; sometimes of telepathy or empathy and sometimes of magic and ethereal powers. Although it is an Epic YA Fantasy, the message of Dark Fey is based upon the horrifying true life events of the Lord’s Resistance Army and is relative to our own reality.  It relates how the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to create Change through doing what is Right.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.


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Beautiful Original Artwork by BlackMysticA @ DeviantArt